How to Do Your Makeup Like a Pro

Knowing how to do your own makeup has a lot of benefits. First of all, it allows you to get creative and, sometimes, even express yourself through your makeup. Aside from that, you get to personalize your makeup routine according to your skin’s very needs. Of course, knowing how to do your own makeup can also save you a lot of cash by not having to go to a professional and pay to get it done. If you haven’t mastered the art of makeup yet, though, you might find yourself itching to go to a professional to get it done for pictures and special events just because the results you get from having pros do it is much better than when you do it yourself. The good thing here is that you can learn. Check out our tips and advice on how to do your makeup like a pro and you won’t be needing to go the salon for makeup ever again.

  • Blend everything and blend it well – blending is the secret to achieving makeup that looks smooth and flawless. Skipping the blending part when doing your own makeup is one of the most common mistakes a lot of women make. The result is makeup that looks unnatural, uneven and blotchy. If you want your makeup to look like it was done by a pro, invest in good blending tools like sponges and brushes. These will help you even everything out for a more natural finish.

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  • Mind your brows – the brows are perhaps the most neglected when it comes to doing your makeup, especially when you’re in such a hurry. Failing to groom, shape and just do your brows in general can break your whole look. It doesn’t take much time to do your brows, especially if you groom them regularly. If you’re the really busy kind, though, just have them tinted so they look clean and made up all the time.

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  • Contour and highlight – contouring and highlighting go together like peanut butter and jelly which is why you’ll often find palettes that contain both contouring and highlighting products in one. Doing this right makes all the difference in your makeup! It’s one of the things you can do if you want your makeup to look like it was done by a pro.

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  • Lining the lips – using lip liner is another thing you can do to get professional looking makeup. Lining your lips define them and make them look fuller and more luscious. Using your lip liner to fill your lips before applying lipstick is also a great idea as it makes the color stay on longer and prevents it from ‘bleeding’ on you.

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  • Find the right foundation – nothing gives away the fact that you have no idea about makeup other than a mismatched skin tone and foundation shade. Using the wrong shade of foundation can have your face in a different color compared to your neck thus giving you the dreaded mask look. it may take a while to find a foundation (and other products) that match your skin perfectly but it sure is worth it because just having the perfect product can make your makeup look so much better.

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