How to Get the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

The ‘no makeup’ makeup look may have you confused by its name but it’s actually quite simple and easy to create. Basically, your goal in creating this look is to sport a flawless face and make it appear like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all and you can achieve this very thing through the use of, well, makeup. Sound complicated? Let our tips and tricks below on how to achieve the ‘no makeup’ makeup look help you further. This look is perfect for school, the office or as your everyday go-to look. What’s great about the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is that you can also use it as a base to work your way into a bolder or darker or brighter or more colorful makeup look, whatever the event calls for.

  • Moisturize and prime – the first thing you’ll want to do before you start applying any kind of makeup on to your face is to moisturize. Apply a generous amount of your favorite facial moisturizer and give it enough time to set and get absorbed. Next, slather on some facial primer. Don’t skip these steps. They’re crucial for achieving a dewy, glowing, flawless look plus it makes all the other products go on like silk when you have moisturized sand primed skin.

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  • Face – the face is the part you’ll want to perfect the most when doing the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. You’ll want to have enough product on there to conceal your blemishes and look flawless but you don’t want to have to much that it would look cakey and fake. To get the perfect ‘no makeup’ face makeup, opt for something light like sheer foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Get a shade that’s the exact match of your natural skin tone and apply it on to your face with your hands or a beauty blender sponge. Avoid using a brush for this because it tends to give you a fuller coverage look. Conceal areas that weren’t covered by your foundation/tinted moisturizer/BB cream to even out your skin.


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  • Eyes – if you have sparse brows, fill them up the way you usually would. Otherwise, just leave them be or use brow gel to keep them in place all throughout the day. You don’t really have to do much with your eyes but you’ll want them to look bright and awake. Eye shadow is optional but in case you choose to use some, go with neutral colors like shades of brown or something lighter like champagne and apply very lightly. Define your eyes by lining them using brown eye liner. You’ll want brown instead of black because it looks more natural. Lastly, curl your lashes and apply mascara. Limit your mascara to one or two coats only. Any more coats and your lashes might end up being too heavy and clumpy.

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  • Cheeks – for cheeks, you’ll want to steer clear of colors that are too bright and vibrant. The look you want to get on your cheeks with the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is a naturally flushed color. We find that cream blushes give a much more natural finish compared to powder blush. This is also the time you’ll want to apply your bronzer and your highlighter though you can always skip these two if you really want a look that’s pure au naturel.

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  • Lips – forget about bold statement lips for a while and look for a nude lip color that compliments your skin tone. You can add a pop of color on to your lips if you think the whole ‘natural’ look is too bland for your liking. Just make sure you pick light lip colors like peachy pinks and corals. If you want something lighter, you can also opt for tinted lip balms too.

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