Great Tips on How to Put On Eyeliner

The eye is perhaps the part of the face that gets noticed a lot, especially if it’s ‘dressed’ with
makeup. Learn how to apply eyeliner.Aside from using eye shadow on your eyes, one thing you can do to make your eyes pop and stand out is to use eyeliner. Applying eyeliner on your eye is fairly easy and simple although there are some eyeliner styles that will require practice and precision. Learning how to apply eyeliner will help make your eyes look better instead of it looking like a mess. 

There are several kinds of eyeliners. There are pencil eyeliners which are perfect for beginners since it’s easy to apply and control the streaks with your hands. There are also liquid eyeliners and this is the type that needs practice as well as a steady hand because liquid liner smudges easily and can be really messy. Gel liners and cream based liners are also available as well as powder liners.

 Using glitter eyeliner and making fancy curves on the outer corner of your eye can give you that ‘ethereal’ look

glitter eyeliner

 The ‘retro pin-up girl’ is a classic look and it can easily be achieved with a winged eyeliner and cherry red lips

retro pin up girl eyeliner

If you’re using a pencil liner, make sure to sharpen it before you apply it on your eyes. Once you’re eyeliner is ready, start with the basics. Rest the elbow of whichever arm you are most comfortable with on a flat surface and put your wrist against your cheeks but this step is not necessary if you have a steady hand. Tilt your head back a little bit if you want a better view of your lash line then with either the index or ring finger of your other hand, tug the side of your eyes to stretch it a little and create a smoother surface just above your lash line. Now, draw a line from the inner corner of your eyes going to the outer corner and make it as straight and as close to your natural lash line as possible. If you have a problem with shaky hands, though, you can start by making short lines on the inner corner of your eyes, the middle part and the outer corner and then connecting those lines to make a straight one. Lining your upper lash line will give the impression of bigger, rounder eyes. You can also use eyeliner on your lower lash line to define your eyes better. The waterline can be lined as well but it is not advisable to use liquid, gel and powder liners on that part.

Use one solid eye shadow color on your eyes and finish it off with a slightly thick eye liner for a polished look

cat aye eyeliner

There are various looks you can achieve using an eye liner. A simple, thin line on the upper and lower lash lines will give you a natural look, especially if you use brown eyeliner. A sultry, dramatic look can be achieved by smudging your eyeliner a little and using it as an accompaniment to smoky eye makeup. If you want a modern flirty but edgy  look, you can also go for the winged tip. Simply extend your eye liner a little over the outer corner of your eye with a slightly upward line. For a thicker winged tip, start lining a bit farther from your upper lash line then fill it in with eyeliner.

Brown Kohl eyeliner – makeup for light eyes. Cool tutorial with images – How to Put On Eyeliner.

kohl eyeliner light eye makeup

The doll eye look can be achieved by putting nothing else but a thick cat eye wing liner on your eyes all the way to the lids. This will make your eyes appear bigger, too.

wing tip eyeliner

Go for a sultry look with a smokey eye and top it off with eye liner to make it more intense

smokey eye eyeliner

Be creative and create this edgy look with a sharp pencil liner

creative eyeliner

Define your gorgeous eyes by lining them with black eye liner. The liner will serve as the ‘frame’ of your eyes

well defined eyes with eyeliner

Go for an all natural look with just brown eye liner on both upper and lower lash lines on a bare face

Natural Look Using Brown Eyeliner

Wing the eye liner on your lower lash line for a  more fashion-forward look

winged lower lashline

 Smudge the eye liner on your lower lash line to create a raccoon eye effect. It’s easy and sexy at the same time.

raccoon eyes smudged eyeliner