Makeup and Beauty Tips for Women of Color

Women with darker skin complexions today are making it big in the beauty and makeup world and we’re appreciating their exquisite skin tone better now more than ever. In fact, other women with lighter skin tones find a darker skin tone more gorgeous that they go out of their way to get a little bit of tan on their skin. What’s great about a darker skin complexion is that it doesn’t require much makeup at all. Most women of color are blessed with truly great skin that requires very little makeup application. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t and don’t wear makeup anymore. If you have a dark complexion / skin tone and you’re looking for ways to look even prettier, check out these makeup and beauty tips for women of color that we have compiled.

flawless foundation matching simple makeup look

  • To get the perfect foundation match, mix shades – mixing two or more different shades of foundation is a great trick to work your way to your perfect foundation match if you can’t find it from the available brands you have in your local drugstore or beauty store. It may take a few tries before you get it right but once you find the perfect mix, you’ll be thankful that you persevered because the perfect foundation shade match is key to getting flawless and natural looking makeup.

gorgeous makeup look

perfect foundation match

  • Don’t be afraid to get bold with colors – one great thing about having a darker complexion is that you get to rock bold, stunning colors that are otherwise ‘too much’ for women with lighter complexions. Neon colors, for example, look so much better on darker skin because the color tends to really show and pop on it compared to when it’s used on light complexions. If you have dark skin, take advantage of this and don’t afraid to make bold makeup choices. Believe me, it will look good on you.

pretty purple colors blue and silver eye shadow

  • Don’t forget the bronzer and highlighter – some women who have a dark skin tone tend to skip out on using bronzer and highlighter because they think it won’t do anything significant for their look but the truth is that bronzer does loads of good for your makeup look. Use it to highlight your assets and contour your face for a more ‘professional’ and sculpted look. Bronzers are often closer to your natural skin color so it tends to look natural, now all you have to do is find a highlighter that won’t look too chalky on your skin and you’re good to go!

perfect highlight and contour highlight and contour

  • Explore various lip colors – another great thing about having a darker complexion is that you can pull off just about any lip color, from pretty pale pinks and nudes to vibrant and vivid reds and even to warm and dark purples and plums. Red complements dark skin tones the most (just take a look at Rihanna’s sexy red lips) but if you’re brave enough, explore other lip colors and try to find one that you can use as an alternative to the regular reds.

hot pink lips warm red lips