7 Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks

Though not necessary, women should have at least the basic makeup items like foundation, blush and lip gloss or lipstick. Some girls, particularly those in their teens, are just starting to experiment with makeup and sometimes it can be difficult to perfect the application and use of a certain item.

Here are some useful makeup tips and tricks that you can use for your daily makeup routine. These tips and tricks are for everyone who want to increase their knowledge about makeup application and use.

If you want a less dramatic smoky eye, do it with warmer, brownish hues

brown smokey eye with purple hues

Enhance your natural beauty with just the right amount of makeup

full face makeup

Makeup tips and tricks for the face:

  • When expecting a long day, use makeup primer so your makeup can stay longer. If you have great complexion, you can opt not to prime your whole face and just use setting powder instead but you need to prime your eyes so your eye shadow can stay longer on your eyes. Some great eye shadow primers are the Urban Decay Primer Potions and Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
Get a flawless face by using a matte setting powder 
flawless face makeup
  • To get a more structured look, always contour and highlight! Contour your jaws, the hollows of your cheeks and temples using a bronzer and highlight the center of your nose, your cupid’s bow and slightly above your cheekbones using any lighter colored blush or you can also get complexion enhancers like High Beam from Benefit.
Perfectly contoured face
proper contour and highlight

Tips and tricks for the eyes:

  • If you want your eyes to look brighter and more awake, you can put white eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes. Some really good white eyeliners are the NYX jumbo eye pencils and Rimmel.
Taylor Swift’s pretty peeper secret is white eyeliner on the inner corners
taylor swift eyes with white liner
  • For more dramatic lashes without falsies, apply a single coat each of two different mascaras. A great combination would be one coat of volumizing mascara topped with a coat of lengthening mascara.
Get longer looking lashes without using falsies by applying two coats of mascara
beautiful eyelashes
Applying mascara on your lower lashes will make your eyes look a little bigger
mascara on lower lashes
  • If you are just starting to build your makeup collection, investing in a good quality palette is the best way to go. There are palettes that feature 88 to 120 colors in good sizes for a really good price. Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics are some of the good brands you can trust.
An eye shadow palette will give you all the colors you need to start your makeup collection
rainbow inspired eye makeup

Tips and tricks for the lips

  • If you want to get fuller looking lips without using any lip plumping cream, serum or gel, just trace your lips with white eyeliner and blend it out to remove the harsh line. This will make your lips pop and appear fuller. You can also apply clear gloss just at the middle part of your lips to give the illusion of plumper lips.
Lipstick and lip gloss looks better on soft, moisturized lips
  • If you are doing dramatic eyes, keep your lips nude so that there won’t be too much going on in your face. On the other hand, if you’re doing dramatic lips like a deep red or other dark and/or sparkly lip color, keep your eye makeup neutral.
Anne Hathaway pairs her red lips with neutral eyes
Red lips on Anne Hathaway

Practice with your makeup and see what tips and tricks work best for you. You may not get it right the first time but you surely will eventually.