Mascara Alternatives for Perfect Eyes on Your Wedding Day

Bride-to-be’s always want to look the prettiest on their wedding day which is why a lot of preparation goes into looking for the perfect gown, the perfect accessories and, of course, the perfect hair and makeup look to go with all of the above. The makeup you wear on your wedding has to be flawless and perfect. You’ll want to look good not only for yourself and for your man but for the camera as well. There will always be photo sessions during weddings and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to look great in every single frame if you’re going to be reminded of your big day through these shots for the rest of your life.  One thing about weddings, though, is that it’s almost always a cry fest and we all know that tears and mascara don’t mix. Crying your eyes out on your wedding will leave you with dark, smudged eyes with traces of mascara that has run. That’s never pretty in pictures. Check out these mascara alternatives for perfect eyes on your wedding day that will let you cry your eyes out without leaving you with raccoon eyes.

  • Waterproof mascara – okay, so it’s still mascara but choosing to wear waterproof mascara will save you from looking like a panda when you start to tear on your own wedding day. Waterproof mascara doesn’t run so you can rely on it if you’re expecting a really emotional time at your wedding. Some women don’t like wearing waterproof mascara because they’re tough to remove, though, so proceed with caution.

full dark lashes gorgeous long lashes

  • False eyelashes – wearing false eyelashes is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get beautiful eyes on your wedding day. You can choose to skip using mascara on your natural lashes if you’re worried about it running down your face once you cry but if you want to your lashes to look fuller, you can also wear mascara on your real lashes to blend them with the fake ones.

false lash look

bridal makeup and lashes

  • Lash extensions – you know how you can get hair extensions clipped on to your hair so it looks longer and you have more hair to play with for prettier hairstyles? Well, you can do sort of the same thing with your lashes. Lash extensions are becoming more popular with brides. It’s a very meticulous treatment where a lash technician glues individual curved extension strands to each lash to make them look longer and naturally curled. It’s a little expensive but it does last for quite a long time, allowing you to skip mascara on your big day.

bridal makeup and lashes long sparse lashes

  • Lash lift – already have long lashes and just want them to look fuller, flirty and more curled? A new eyelash treatment called ‘lash lift’ has been a favorite for a lot of brides lately. Lash lift works like a ‘root lift’ for your lashes. A silicone mould is used to tint and semi-perm the lashes so they fan up towards the brows looking darker, fuller and longer.

luscious long lashes demi wispy lashes

  • Semi-permanent mascara – if you don’t want anything too tech-y done to your lashes, you can always opt for the good ol’ semi-permanent mascara treatment where primer, a potion / formula and a sealant is applied to your lashes to make them look longer and fuller for about six to eight months. Semi-permanent mascara is waterproof and smudge-proof. It won’t run even if you cry your eyes and it guarantees perfect looking eyes and lashes 24/7.

beautiful curled lashes natural long lashes