Natural Makeup look-beautiful ideas

natural  makeupNatural make-up tips and tricks

The ‘Natural make-up look’ is one of the hottest trends today. Many celebrities, such as Cameron Diaz and Hayden Pannettiere opt for this subtle and gentle look. Here are ways to achieve the perfect natural make-up look.

natural makeup look, tips and ideas

Pick make-up suited for your skin tone.

You need to use certain types of cosmetics in order to achieve a natural look. Go for light foundations, such as mineral foundations, tinted moisturizers, mousses, and liquids.

Stay away from pancake foundations, stick foundations, and concealer foundations because they will make your face appear “heavier.”

beautiful natural makeup look

The wrong cosmetic color will make you look ill – or several years older than your real age. To achieve a young, au naturel look, pick make-up that complements your skin tone. If you have a cool skin hue, choose a light pink-tinted foundation. Light pink, raspberry, and rose lipsticks and blushes will also make your face look softer and more beautiful.

natural makeup and healthy skin

If you have yellow or olive undertones, then you have a warm skin tone. Pick cosmetics tinted with light gold. Soft coral, peach, and honey blushes and lip colors will accentuate your fair skin.

 For Natural eye makeup  you have to Choose the right kind of eye make-up.

For naturally-looking eyes, you need to choose ‘softer’ eye shadow shades such as light brown, almond, salmon, taupe, and oyster.

Pick a mascara or eyeliner color that is similar to your lash shade. If you have fair-colored lashes, pick mascara or eyeliner with shades of taupe or light brown.

natural makeup and cateye liner on eyes

Techniques to achieve a more natural look

When applying your foundation, use a sponge and apply a small amount on your chin. Avoid putting foundation on your neck.

When applying your blush, smile in front of the mirror. Locate your cheek center, and start from there. Apply your brush towards your ear’s direction, making a swoop by the eye. This technique is called the “J” direction. Apply dusting powder afterwards.

angelina jolie natural look , cat eye makeup

Beautiful summery makeup look

Put a light dab of lipstick, apply lip liner and lip balm afterwards.

Apply translucent powder prior to applying your eye shadow. Dab the light shade on the inner part, and the darkest on the outer. Avoid applying color beyond your eyebrows.

natural makeup look, blue eyes, lipgloss

If you have dark-colored half-circles beneath your eyes, make sure you use a concealer one or two shades below the color of your foundation. Use a sponge or your finger to blend the concealer to your skin. Avoid the use of luminescent concealers.

natural makeup look and healthy skin

With natural make-up, people will notice your face more rather than your colors. Make sure to follow these tips and you’ll achieve this lovely look in no time.

You don’t have to wear tons of makeup to be beautiful!

Healthy glowing  skin  is a must for natural makeup