Pretty Eyeliner Styles for Beginners and Professionals

Wearing the same old dress, shirt or jeans every day can make you a lousy dresser and when it comes to make-up, wearing the same color and style can also make your face a little boring for people who always see you. When it comes to make up, the eyes are one of the focus of make-up artists because the eyes tend to be the window to your soul and having excellent eye make-up can just spell the difference between beautiful and boring.

Putting on pretty eyeliner can add brilliance to your eyes. There are various beginner and advanced eyeliner styles that you can wear depending on your mood and style for a particular day. Here are the top styles and how you can do them like a pro:

Top Lash line Eyeliner

Probably the simplest eyeliner style, the top lash line eyeliner avoids screwing up your eyes especially so if it’s your first time to wear eyeliner. Achieve this look by using a kohl pencil liner and start from the inner edge to the outer edge of the top lash line. While doing this, make sure that your eyes are closed and you pull the lid up when you draw your top lash line. If it’s your first time, you won’t expect to get a perfect line, but you can smudge using a chiseled brush to create a smooth look.

Top Lid Eyeliner

Brightening Eyeliner

Wearing black eyeliner in days wherein you haven’t slept the night before can make you look like a walking zombie in the day. To achieve bright eyes without adequate sleep, you can use beige eyeliner on your waterline to counteract tired eyes. Beige eyeliner can make your eyes appear larger. When drawing your waterline, use your index finger to pull down your lower lid as you draw your line.

Brighten eyes eyeliner

Colored Eyeliner

Colored eyeliner is very popular among adventurous women. They bring out a glow in your eyes and are very appropriate for day activities. When choosing the best colored eyeliner, consider the color of your eyes to create a complimenting look. Also, it is more acceptable to wear colored eyeliner on the lower lid only.

Colored bottom eyeliner

Wraparound Smudged Eyeliner

If you want a smoky eyes effect, the smudged eyeliner is very appropriate. You need a black kohl pencil and an angled brush to smudge the line away. Start by drawing a line on your upper lash line from inner to outer corners as well as on the lower lash line for that wraparound effect. Using your angled brush, smudge the lines for a smoky eyes effect.

Smudge wrap around eyeliner

Elongated Eyeliner

Women with small eyes can create an illusion that they have sexier eyes by elongating them. Round eyes may also benefit from this style if you want a more sophisticated look. Start by drawing a line from the middle portion of the top lash line up to the outer corner without creating a winged tip. Next, draw a line from the outer third corner of the lower lid. Finish by connecting the tip of the upper and lower eyeliner.  This is best done using cream eyeliner.

Elongated eyeliner

Winged Tip Eyeliner

The winged tip eyeliner is another favorite eyeliner style of women. It is a versatile style because you can use it along with most make-ups. Winged tip eyeliner is best achieved using smudge-free cream eyeliner. Start by drawing a line from the inner to outer corners of the top lash line. From the outer corner, draw a 45 degree angle line outwards. It all depends on the shape of the eyes on how long the winged tip should be. Use a ruler to draw the tip to make the wing straight.

Winged tip

Double Winged Tip Eyeliner

For an edgier look, you can create a double winged tip. After you’re done with a winged tip style, draw another tip starting from the outer corner of your lower lid for that double winged tip style.

Double winged tip

Vintage Winged Tip Eyeliner

After creating a thick winged tip line on your upper lash line, start drawing line from  the outer corner of the lower lash line extending downwards without passing though the inner corner.

60's inspired winged tip

Cat’s Eye Eyeliner

A more dramatic eyeliner style is the ever popular cat’s eye eyeliner. It is an excellent choice for those sexy and fierce eyes. Use smudge-free cream eyeliner to prevent screwing up your eyes. Achieve this by applying a thick line on the upper lash line extending it past the outer corner. Next, draw a line from the inner corner of the lower lash line extending past the outer corner and connecting the tip to the upper lash line.

Cat's eyeliner

There are various eyeliner designs that you can choose from, but make sure that you also wear confidence to make your look more appealing.

Eyeliner types