Signature Celebrity Makeup Looks You Can Copy

One of the biggest perks of being a celeb is that, even when you’re not a big beauty junkie, you get to look your most awesome, most fabulous best every single time you need to go on camera and to events, thanks to the army of stylists you get who do everything just to make sure you look flawless and gorgeous all the time. There are celebs who, when it comes to makeup, have sported the same look for the longest period of time that it almost seems impossible to see them wear something else. These looks become their ‘signature looks’ which we all love and adore. Here are some signature celebrity makeup looks you can copy anytime.

  • Zooey Deschanel – Zooey’s darling mod look is actually quite easy to recreate. Coral-y peach lips, light blush and smudged liner on the eyes is just about all that you’ll need to get this makeup look. Her eyes are what really make her look stand out. Needless to say, you can’t exactly copy her eyes but you can do the same makeup style. Take a creamy pencil line, line both your upper and lower lash lines, give it a little smudge and re-line the upper lash line for some definition.

zoeey zooey

  • Katy Perry – another celeb who makes great use of their beautiful eyes to get a more stunning signature makeup look is Katy Perry. Katy’s look changes a lot from time to time. We noticed that she likes to switch her makeup a bit with every appearance she makes. If there’s one thing that she constantly sports, though, it’s her signature bold lips and her very lively, bright, big eyes. The secret to getting the look on Katy’s eyes lies on mascara and / or false lashes and eyeliner. Open up your eyes by curling your lashes and applying several coats of mascara until they look full then line the upper and lower lash line. If your lashes are short, use falsies. Finish off with a bold lip in the color of your choice.


katy perry

  • Taylor Swift – we must admit, it seems to us like whatever makeup look Taylor decides to wear always look gorgeous on her like it was specially blended for her or something. Taylor’s first signature makeup look was a bright red lip and a simple but flirty eye makeup look that included a subtle wing tip liner style. Recently, though, she seems to have ditched that look for a new one which is of a nude lip and bold (sometimes seductively smoky) eye makeup. Can’t ignore how she’s traded her romantic curls for sleeker, edgier, pin straight hair too!

taylor s taylor

  • Kim Kardashian – here’s a signature celeb makeup look you’ll want to wear for a night out: Kim’s sexy vixen look. Let’s all just take the time to appreciate the fact that Kim K. can rock this night time (almost clubbing kind of) look even in broad daylight. How many celebs can do that? Full, luscious and lush lashes, peachy cheeks, perfectly sculpted and highlighted jaws and cheek bones and a glossy nude lip – that’s what Kim’s look is all about.

kim kim k

  • Lauren Conrad – lastly, let’s not forget the look everyone’s trying to recreate. Lauren Conrad’s signature makeup look consists of just four things: dewy skin, flushes cheeks, a perfect cat eye and light lips. It’s simple yet so classy and we love how this look always goes well with any outfit.

lauren conrad lauren