Tips and Tricks for Achieving the Perfect Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup always adds glamour and a bit of mystery to your look. it can be fun, flirty, sexy, seductive, or fierce all depending on the way you draw your cat eye as well as what makeup look you draw  with it. cat eye makeup also gives you the illusion of longer lashes without falsies or mascara. Having said all these, aren’t you starting to love the cat eye already? Here are some tips and tricks on how you can have the perfect cat eye makeup anytime.bold cat eye

retro clean cat eye

  • Ditch your pencil liner – a perfect cat eye requires smooth lines and your trusty old pencil liner  is just not cut out for that. Creamy pencil liners may have a shot at giving you the perfect cat eye but what good is it if it’s going to smudge anyway? Get the perfect cat eye by using either liquid or gel liner, instead. Not only do these liners glide on much smoother, they’re also smudge proof when they dry.gorgeous cat eye
    day time cat eye
  • Connect the dots – if you don’t have a steady hand, place small dots, as close as you can, along your lash line. Three to four dots from the inner to the outer corner should be fine. Start lining your lash line with your eye liner at the inner corner going outwards, connecting the dots as you go along. Try to make your line as thin as possible. Once you’ve reached the outer corner of your eyes, flick a quick 45-degree line upwards to create the wing. Repeat this on both head cat eyerun way cat eye
  • The triangle trick – this trick is a great way to do thicker and bolder cat eye makeup. Start by tracing the outer ‘V’ on your eyes which is the triangular part from your upper outer corner that follows to the lower outer corner that looks like the symbol ‘<’. Drag the line from the upper outer corner to the inner corner of your eye to line your lash line then fill the outer V.triangle trickred carpet cat eye
  • The sticky tape trick – this is a trick you’ll see that even pro’s sometimes use. Take about 4 to five inches of tape and remove some of the stickiness by sticking and removing  it to and from the back of your hand several times. Once the tape is just sticky enough to be easily removed without pulling on the skin, stick it on from the lower upper corner of your eyes up to where your eyebrows end. Start lining your lash line and when it’s time to flick the wing, simply use the tape as a guide. tape trickrun way cat eye