Tips and Tricks on Makeup for Dark Skin

Makeup for dark skin has been tricky to do for some women. There are certain shades and hues that don’t complement well with the skin color. However, having dark colored skin does not mean that it is not beautiful. The chocolate color of the skin is one of the assets of these women. One of the benefits of having dark skin is the fact that “too much makeup” rarely happens. Nevertheless, here are some makeup tips for dark skin that women can benefit from.

When it comes to choosing the foundation to use for makeup on dark skin, choose liquid foundation to even out the skin tone. There are times when there is no shade that matches perfectly; two foundations can be used together. Make sure to choose the right shade for the skin.

Smooth Liquid Foundation Makeup


Women with dark skin tone should use translucent powder to minimize the oiliness of the skin. Use a large powder brush in applying the powder.

Translucent Powder Makeup Black


To add some sparkle to the eyes, do not be afraid to use metallic shades. One of the best makeup for dark skin is this metallic shade of blue.

Bronzed Metallic Makeup Woman


If you are feeling a bit adventurous, play with the different colors of eye shadow. You can have a combination of different eye shadows such as the one on the photo.

Eyeshadow for Dark Skin


To accentuate your eyes better, you can choose to have gold or bronze eye shadow.

Gold Eyeshadow Dark Skin


When it comes to lipstick makeup on dark skinned women, there are shades that can be too overwhelming, and there are shades that can blend perfectly. One of the lipstick shades that should come in handy is the burgundy shade.

Burgundy Lipstick Dark Skin


Choosing lipsticks for dark skinned women may be challenging. One thing should be remembered: pale, frosty colors can be unflattering for women with dark skin tones. Choose shades such as this dark berry lip stain.

Dark Berry Lip Stain


For the blush, make sure to choose darker blush color. Dark skinned women can have the option to not wear a blush, but having it can also be nice during special occasions. Bronze, wine, coral and deep orange will look best as makeup for dark skinned women.

Dark Blush Dark Skin


Celebrities with dark skin tones seem to have no problems with how they wear their makeup. Get a tip or two from Halle Berry and Rihanna with their gorgeously done makeup for dark skin tones:

Halle Berry Makeup Perfect

Rihanna Makeup Dark Skin


The eyeliner and the mascara are two of the most important makeup that one should not forget about when it comes to makeup for dark skin. You don’t have to be fair skinned to look beautiful. Embrace what you have and flaunt it well with makeup for dark skin.