Tips for Using Mascara to Get Perfect Lashes

Not everyone has the perfect pair of lashes like the Kardashian sisters and not everyone, too, has the money to get eyelash implants or extensions but I’m pretty sure everyone appreciates full, luscious lashes just as much as I do. Long and full lashes make the eyes sexier. I would suggest using falsies but if you don’t know how to do it, it tends to look tacky and unnatural. One of the easiest things that you can do to make your lashes look fuller and longer is to simply use mascara. Though using mascara is easy, there are some things that you can do to get better, if not the best, results. Check out these tips for using mascara to get perfect lashes every time.

  • Mix black and brown – most of us just stick to black when it comes to mascara and while it does intensify the color of the lashes and make them appear longer, adding brown in to the mix can actually produce much better results. Apply brown mascara on your bottom lashes and brown on your top lashes or do a mix of brown and black on both to get a nicer, longer 2D effect.

natural looking lashes retro look with fuller lashes

  • Mix and layer – not a lot of women are brave enough to use more than two coats of mascara at the most because they’re afraid to get clumpy lashes but there’s actually an easy fix for that. One way to avoid clumpy lashes is to use several different formulas. Some formulas are thinner than others so they don’t pile on as much product on your lashes. I like wearing a coat each for volumizing, lengthening and definition and intensity. If you do this and you end up with clumpy lashes, you can always use a lash comb to separate them.

lush curly lashes

fuller longer lashes

  • Wiggle your way out – one of the most popular myths about wearing mascara is that you should focus on putting more products on the tips to make your lashes appear longer. The truth is, to get longer and fuller looking lashes, you have to concentrate on the base. So, starting from the base, wiggle the wand up until you reach the tips and repeat until you get the look that you want.

lusciously long lashes well defined lashes

  • Experiment with wands – aside from the formula itself, the wand also affects how your mascara makes your lashes look. Different wands will produce different results. A wand with a narrow tip, for example, is perfect if you need help with working on the inner corners of your eyes while a skinny wand makes coating tiny lashes easier. Research on the mascara wands that go with the mascara that you’re planning to buy and try to look for the one that works best for you.

long and full lashes super long lashes

  • Never curl your lashes AFTER applying mascara – I used to do this until I realized how my lashes were getting more sparse every time. Curling your lashes should be done BEFORE you apply mascara and not after. Doing the latter can cause some loss of eyelashes because mascara tends to stick to the eyelash curler, thus pulling out some lashes. It’s painful and can be really ugly in the long run.

light top and bottom lashes sexy long lashes