Tips on How to Wear Hot Pink Lipstick

Hot pink lipstick is really very dramatic as well as cute and every woman loves to wear the lip color. However, hot pink lipstick is one of those that is really difficult to use especially so if you don’t have the right skin tone for the color. To help you on that, here are some tips to consider when you are wearing hot or bright pink lipstick:

Test the color before you buy

To be 100% sure that the color suits you, better test the lip color. Never rely on looking into the looks of models or celebrities.

Testing hot pink lipstick

Make sure the color blends with your skin tone such as this one in Emma Stone

Hot pink lipstick idea

Test the color in natural light

If you are looking for the right shade of pink lipstick, better test it in natural light and never rely on the department store lighting because you always look good on too much light so testing it outdoors is a great idea.

Check the lip color in day light for that perfect look

Testing hot pink lips

Keep your look simple

If you are wearing hot pink lipstick make sure to be light on the rest of your make-up because you don’t want to look like a clown. When used as a casual lip color, it’s better to wear light make-up with it for that simply pretty look.

Minimize your eye make-up when wearing hot pink lipstick

Simple hot pink lips

Never wear hot pink lipstick with a very pink blush

If you are planning to wear hot pink lipstick, use a nude blush or if you are wearing a pink bluish, go for a nude lipstick to have a better color contrast in your face.

Minimize your blush when wearing hot pink lipstick

Hot pink lipstick

The perfect blush for hot pink lipstick

Hot pink lips and perfect blush

Better use Glossy Hot Pink Lipstick at Night

If you have a glossy bright fuchsia shade, better use this color during night events because you may overdo it when used during daytime.

Hot pink lipstick during night events

Hot pink lips

Try using Matte Hot Pink Lipstick during the Day

If you really want to have those kissable hot pink lips during the day, go for matte lipstick counterparts instead of wearing a glossy shine.

Matte lipstick suits better during daylight

Matte Hot Pink Lipstick

Another matte pink shade during day time

Matte pink lipstick

Be confident in your lip color

If you are wearing hot pink lips, be sure that you are confident in your look because the best way to wear hot pink is to be confident about your adventurous side.

Hot pink lip

Hot pink lipstick is very refreshing and young so put on that lipstick along with these tips for perfect kissable lips.