What You Need to Know About Avant Garde Makeup

Expression of one’s creativity can be done through avant garde makeup. This kind of makeup can be often seen on runway models. It is most often described as an artistic, dramatic and extreme style of makeup. A school of makeup is where you can learn the tips and tricks in doing avant garde makeup. Here you can see different avant garde makeup ideas. A lot of these are professional makeup done by experts on the area. If one wishes to learn how to do these works of art, a makeup workshop is the first step or one can attend makeup schools too.

beautiful  eye makeup

This is one of the high fashion and exotic makeup styles done nowadays. Avant garde makeup is the absolute opposite of a natural look.

Avant Garde Doll Inspiration


Express your creativity through doing this kind of makeup. It may look too extreme to be actually worn, but it is a great theme for photo shoots.

Blue Avant Garde Makeup


This artistic makeup can also be seen in magazines, pageants, advertisements and performance events. Professional makeup artists also use avant garde makeup as a way of showcasing their talents in their portfolios or for makeup competitions.

Colorful Avant Garde Makeup


Creative makeup ideas such as this can also be wearable. As long as the women, or the makeup artist knows how to tone it down to make it more wearable.

Dark Avant Garde Creative


This kind of makeup uses unusual makeup colors. There are also times when contrasting colors are used to create more impact.

Fantasy Avant Garde Makeup


When doing makeup, most especially artistic ones, make sure to use professional quality cosmetics. There are certain kinds of cosmetics that are specifically made for avant garde makeup.

Fiery Avant Garde Makeup


Aside from using cosmetics, there are also other mediums used such as gems, stones, glitters and feathers. Sometimes it just depends on the inspiration of the makeup artist, or simple his or her mood.

Embellished Eyebrows Creative Makeup


When it comes to finding an avant garde inspiration, the choices are endless. As they say, anything goes. It can be the current fashion trends, characters from movies, books or plays, celebrities, and more.

Flower Avant Garde Makeup


Although you can do almost anything with artistic makeup, you should remember to choose a theme and follow it all throughout your work.

Gorgeous Eyebrows Avant Garde


More often than not, the focus of this artistic makeup is the eyes. You can use multiple shades, or attach extravagant false eyelashes. Play with the eyes well by using creative artistry to make your avant garde makeup look more effective and convincing.Swirls Creative Avant Garde