Makeup Tips and Tricks for Women with Dark Hair

Dark hair is really sexy on women, especially if it’s a dark, luscious chocolatey color or a fierce jet black hue. However, having dark tresses isn’t really that easy. There are lots of things that you can’t easily do with dark hair compared to when you have lighter locks. Also, your decisions regarding makeup can also be affected by having dark hair. Here are some makeup tips and tricks for women with dark hair that can make you look even more gorgeous and stunning.

  • Pick earth tones eye shadows – women with dark hair, especially those with brown hues, should stick to earth tones for eye shadows as a general rule. These are the colors that tend to really bring out the color of your eyes and make your hair color really stand out. It’s also been said that women with dark hair are the best ones to rock a smoky eye look because of the way all the colors harmoniously complement each other so, if you’re looking for a sexy look to go with your dark locks, try a smoky eye.

eye makeup eyes

  • Experiment with bright lip colors – since dark hair creates more contrast with your skin, getting some color on can really help make you glow so why not start with your lips? Women with dark hair are lucky because they get to experiment with bright and bold colors. Shocking bright pink, vibrant orange (which is the hottest lip color for spring this year, by the way), sexy red – all these and more are easy to pull off when you have dark hair. Steer clear of pale pink shades and other faint hues. These colors can wash you out and make you look really pale. If you’re not feeling like rocking a bright lip on a certain day, I suggest you keep it nude.

lip color


  • No heavy foundations – of course, your choice of foundation will have to depend mainly on our skin tone but do keep in mind that, because you have dark hair, heavy / full coverage foundations will often make your face look ashy and pale. For best results, go with foundation that offer light to medium coverage or, if you have good skin, skip the foundation altogether and opt for BB or CC creams instead.

light foundation look light foundation

  • Don’t shy away from blushes – another great way to bring color to your face when you have dark hair is to apply some blush. You’ll want to go with pink and coral blush colors / shades if you want to get that glowing look. Also, try to look for blushes that have a mineralized / pearly satin finish for that stunning dewy effect which look super chic on women with dark hair.

blush color blush

  • Add highlights and lowlights to your hair – finally, to get your dark hair looking really good, try adding some highlights and lowlights to it. Adding different shades of color to your hair will give it more depth and dimension and will prevent it from looking dull and blah.

 highlights and lowlights highlights