Makeup tips for Women Wearing Eyeglasses

Wearing eyeglasses can sometimes be discouraging when it comes to wearing makeup. Some women would rather skip the trouble of creating the perfect eye makeup look just because it would all be hidden behind their specs anyway. However, wearing makeup while wearing glasses can still be glamorous, as long as you know what kind of makeup to wear and how to wear it. It would also help if you knew how to compliment your eyeglasses’ frame using makeup. So, here’s a little guide as well as some makeup tips for women wearing eyeglasses to make help glamming up a bit easier for all the four-eyed ladies (like me!) out there.

  • Use neutral colors for an everyday casual look – save yourself the hassle of picking out which colors to wear for your everyday makeup look and stick to neutral hues like brown, taupe, champagne and cream instead. Your glasses already draw enough attention to you so if you’re at the work place, you wouldn’t want any more attention other than what your eyeglasses bring which makes neutral eye makeup colors very ideal. Reserve brighter colors on the lips, instead.

neutral neutral eyes

  • Use bright, vivid colors if you have black glass frames – black glasses are pretty neutral so if you’re planning to wear color on your eyes, a black frame is the best choice to go with it. Use bright and vibrant colors that are sure to pop and stand out behind those specks so that your efforts don’t get wasted when the colors don’t show up. Use a primer to bring out the vibrant colors in your shadows.

black frame

black frame glasses

  • Use gel liner to frame your eyes – when you’re wearing eyeglasses the tendencies are that your eyes will either appear smaller or bigger than they really are depending on whether you’re using glasses for near-sightedness or far-sightedness. You can correct this by framing your eyes with eyeliner. If you’re you’re wearing thick eyeglass frames, line your eyes a bit thicker and thinner if you’re wearing a thinner frame as well. Using gel liner is the best choice for that. Not only are gel liners more pigmented than pencil or liquid, they stay on pretty well, too!

liner liner look

  • Create bold brows – defining your brows is important because they help frame your face and with eyeglasses creating some sort of distraction, you’ll need to define them even more. Bold brows don’t necessarily mean bushy brows. If you can’t pull off something like that, you can still achieve bold brows just by filling in sparse spots and enhancing their shape. You can do this on your own with a free hand or with eyebrow stencils as a guide or you can also have your brows done by professionals.

brows look brows

  • Brighten up your under eye – make sure to conceal any dark spots or dark circles under your eyes and use a bit more foundation on it to make it look a little brighter than usual. This is because this area is naturally dark but looks even darker behind eyeglasses. So, unless you want to look like you have zombie eyes, make sure to brighten up your under eye area.

eyeglass makeup look