Makeup Tips to Look Good in Pictures

Think back on your school days and try to remember how much you tried to prepare for picture day. How was it? Did you have a hard time? Did your shot look awesome? Is it worthy of a ‘Throwback Thursday’ or ‘Flashback Friday’ kind of post? Or was it a disaster that you didn’t want any remembrance of? Pictures are a great way to capture memories and because of that, we always want to look good in them so that when we look back at them with family and friends, we don’t feel ashamed, or even shocked, of how we looked like during that particular time.

Today, in most events, we get to take pictures in picture booths. ‘Selfies’ and group pictures are posted on every social media site and we take more photos of us than ever before so we have a something to reminisce on in the future. Here are some makeup tips to look good in pictures that would help you be always ready for every photo op that comes your way:

  • Use matte makeup – matte makeup is flat and it doesn’t have a hint of shimmer or shine on it. This is perfect for pictures because the light from the flash won’t have anything to reflect on to so you won’t get those sparkly reflection balls when the photos come out. Aside from that, wearing matte makeup for pictures will also ensure that you don’t look oily in pictures or that you don’t look like you just washed your face and stood in front of the camera to have your picture taken.

matte makeup matte

  • Put on more blush – if you normally put a very light colored blush when doing your makeup, you may want to opt for darker or colors if you’re planning on having your picture taken. You can also use the same blush you normally use as long as you put more on. This is to ensure that the color will show on the pictures and the light from the flash does not wash it out.

blush for pictures


  • Apply foundation up to the neck – this may be a step you keep on forgetting for everyday makeup but if you’re having your picture taken and your neck is going to show, make sure to cover it with the same foundation as your face so that you don’t end up looking like another person’s body was pasted on to your head.

founadtion foundation makeup

  • Use black liner and black mascara – brown eyeliner is always a good choice if you want a natural look but for pictures, it’s more advisable that you use black because brown wouldn’t show as well as black would. Black liner and mascara would also make your eyes pop more in pictures than brown line would.

black liner and mascara makeup black liner and mascara

  • Never forget to put lipstick on – no matter how succulent your lips look in real life, the flash of the camera will still tend to wash it out if you don’t put lipstick on and your lips will blend in with the color of the rest of your face. Create contrast between your lips and your face by wearing a bright lipstick to avoid this.

lipstick lipstick bright