Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas: Beauty Edition

Mothers’ Day is just around the corner and with this special event coming up, I’m pretty sure you’re already doing some research on what would make a good gift for your mom. Flowers and chocolates are always lovely but if you have more time and money in your hands, wouldn’t you want to give one of the most special woman in your life something  a little bit more thoughtful and special? If you’re looking for a gift that you could give your mom or anyone whom you look up to as a mom, check out our list of Mothers’ Day gift ideas: beauty edition. On this special day, make your mom feel special and beautiful by giving them these gifts.

  • Gift certificate to their favorite spa – moms don’t always have time for themselves because they’re too busy taking care of our needs which is why giving them a gift certificate for a day at their favorite spa is a perfect gift idea. While you’re at it, why not write her a letter to go along inside the envelope with the GC, too, telling her how much you appreciate her?

relaxing spa treatment soothing spa day

  • Beauty oils – they can be quite expensive, especially if they come from reputable brands but they work wonders for the skin and face and what mom doesn’t have skin that’s worn out because of stress and tiredness? Let mom’s skin be rejuvenated by giving her beauty oils that she can use every day and every night. A set of hair, face and body oils should be enough. She’ll love it and she’ll thank you for it, I promise.

flawless no makeup face

  • A bottle of her favorite perfume – have you ever noticed how moms are almost always the last ones to get prepped in the morning and more often than not, they forget about the little luxuries that make them feel good like perfume? Whether she’s out and hasn’t had time to buy a new one or she still has others that she just forgets to use, giving your mom a bottle of her favorite perfume is one of the sweetest things you can do for her this Mothers’ Day. And since it’s from you, she’ll love to remember to wear it all the time!

chanel chance perfume jo malone perfume

  • Clarisonic – got a tech-savvy mom who’s into beauty as well? Then she’ll surely appreciate a Clarisonic for Mothers’ Day! The Clarisonic is the perfect gift for busy moms who still want to be able to take care of their skin. It only takes a minute or two to get skin exfoliated, moisturized and glowing so it fits perfectly into mom’s busy sched. Great for moms who love to look young.

using the clarisonic white clarisonic mia

  • A pamper package – if you really want to wow mom this Mothers’ Day, why not give her a pamper package that you personally, thoughtfully and carefully put together? Pick out beauty and makeup items that you know mom will love and put them all together in a nice bag or basket so she can have her own spa and salon experience right at home. This gift idea is perfect for moms who don’t have time to leave the house to pamper themselves.

home spa treatment

  • Lipstick – this one is really inexpensive but it makes any woman’s day, mother or not. Wearing lipstick is one of the easiest ways to boost your confidence and feel good about yourself and I think every mom needs that boost every now and then when everything just starts to wear them out.

sexy red lipstick perfect nude lip