Multipurpose Makeup Items for a Quicker Makeup Routine

We all have a makeup routine that we follow religiously each morning before we head out. Having a makeup routine just makes your mornings easier and quicker because you have a ‘system’ that you follow and when you’re used to it, you can do it in a jiffy. Sometimes, though, no matter how much we’ve mastered our makeup routines, the amount of products we use can still make it such a long process. Having to grab one product and after another and apply it on certain areas can be time consuming. Fortunately, for us, there are so many multipurpose makeup items for a quicker makeup routine that can make our morning a whole lot easier and quicker. Check them out below.

  • Tinted moisturizer – one of the things that we like to perfect when it comes to makeup is our face. We wash it to make sure it’s clean, apply moisturizer, apply foundation or BB cream and then blend it. Now, how much time does that take? It takes plenty, if you ask me. Cut your face prep time in half by reaching for a tinted moisturizer instead. it’s perfect on days when you’re running really late. You don’t need to blend too much or anything as tinted moisturizer tends to go on smoothly and evenly on skin without much effort.

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  • Wet and dry foundation – another face product that can save you lots of time is the wet and dry foundation. A foundation cake that can be applied wet for more intense coverage and dry for a loose powdery finish is something that we all can use on the go. When using this foundation wet, use a sponge and spray it with light mist. On the other hand, if you’re using it dry, it’s best to use a brush to apply it on your face.

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  • Clear mascara – clear mascara is such an underestimated makeup product. A lot of women don’t have it in their makeup bags / collection because they think it doesn’t do much but it’s actually a really useful multitasking product that you can use to cut your makeup time in half. You can use clear mascara to tame your brows and keep them in place in case you don’t have your brow gel with you. You can also use it for instant lift on your lashes minus the color and intensity of colored mascara. If you’re sporting a sleek ‘do and you notice a strand of hair standing up, you can also use clear mascara to tame it down in case you don’t have styling gel or hairspray.

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  • Lip and cheek tint – if you’re ever planning on buying a lip and cheek tint, I would suggest that you get the cream stick kind instead of the liquid tint because cream is just so much more buildable and aside from being used on your lips and cheeks, you can also use it on your eyes!

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  • Makeup palette – having just one palette with everything in it from eye shadow, blush, highlight, bronzer and lipstick can save you time as you won’t have to deal with opening one product after another. If you can’t find a makeup palette that has all these, you can always invest in a Z-palette. It’s perfect for women who are always busy and on the go.

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