Nail Art Ideas to Try for Spring 2014

Spring is just right around the corner and before you know it, it’s flowers are going to start blossoming and the spring breeze is going to hit us once again. Spring is such a lovely time. Out of all the four seasons, it’s no doubt that spring is the most pleasing one. It’s neither too hot nor too cold and the beauty it brings to nature is just phenomenal. If you’ve already got the spring fever and can’t wait for it to come, why not indulge yourself in these nail art ideas to try for spring 2014? They’re cute and very spring-inspired too!

  • Floral French tip – as we all know, spring is the time for flowers to once again bloom and what better way to get inspired by that than painting flowers on your nails? Ditch the regular French tip style and create this darling floral French tip nail art for a really pretty set of nails. If you don’t have nail art tools, you can always use nail decals to put the flowers on the top of your nails. Since it’s still winter time, technically, you can use dark colors as the base and then use light colors for the flowers on the tips to create a nice contrast but if you’re planning to go all out and get your nails ready for spring, use light colors and pastel ones instead for a cute look.

floral french tip floral french tip nail art

  • Pretty pastel stripes – another great idea for a spring-inspired nail art is to paint your nails with pretty pastel stripes. It’s a really simple nail art design that you can do at home even without special nail art tools but it’s really going to get your spring mood on. For a fun and quirky look, try painting each nail some stripes going in various directions like horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, diagonal stripes or even chevron stripes. You can also paint your stripes with varying thickness or do some curves and make a nice pastel colored rainbow. Quick tip: for perfectly straight lines, use tape as your guide while painting your nails.

pastel stripes


  • Two toned colored French tip – the French tip style is really versatile. It’s so simple which is why it’s very easy to update and modify. Here’s another variation of the French tip that you can do for gorgeous spring inspired nails: pick two bright nail polish colors (preferably those that create a nice sharp contrast against each  other) and use them to make a French tip style manicure. Using colors instead of the usual clear/nude and white combo will make your nails really stand out and pop. You can also choose one neutral base color and use different bright colors on the tips.

french tip for spring french tip

  • Colorful polka dots – if you want a nail art design that’s simple yet bright and cheerful and reminiscent of spring time, why not do colorful polka dots on your nails? It’s really simple to do. You can do it with regular nail polish brushes or you can also use a special nail art tool called a dotting pen / dotting tool. Pick a neutral base so that all the colors will show vividly and vibrantly.

polka dots polka dots nail art

  • Vintage shabby chic style – this is a really chic and girly nail art design that allows you to do each nail with a different design but still come up with a cohesive look. You can take inspiration from the internet (Pinterest is a really good source for inspiration) for designs.  If you aren’t too good with intricate nail art designs, you can also get nail decals with this design/ theme.

vintage shabby chic vintage