Nail Design Ideas for Winter

We sometimes tend to neglect having our nails look cute come winter time because we think ‘no one will see them once I wear gloves anyway’. And while that may be true, wouldn’t it still be better if you could have gorgeously manicured nails with cute designs to match so you can show off your hands with confidence every time you take your gloves off? Here are some of the cutest nail design ideas for winter that will really get you in the spirit:

  • Snowflakes nail art –what better way to make your nails winter-appropriate than to have them designed with snowflake nail art? It’s very reminiscent of winter and it’s also very cute. Not too loud, nor too subtle. Snowflakes nail art will look good regardless of whether you use light colors or darker and brighter ones.winter nails (2) winter nails (3) winter nails (5)
    winter nails (10)

snowflake design snowflake

  • Snowman nail art – another staple during the winter, the snowman is perhaps one of the most loved winter nail designs by a lot of women. This design is so simple that you can do it yourself at home yet it’s so cool and fabulous. You may need special equipment like dotting tools to complete this design, especially if you haven’t got steady hands but these tools are really inexpensive and you can buy them anywhere.winter nails (4)winter nails (9)

snowman nails snowman

  • Glittery nails – if you want a nail design for winter that isn’t graphic but would still remind you of the current season and how beautiful it is, perhaps you should go for glittery nails. Glittery nails can symbolize snow. You can do full glittery nails, you can have them only by the tips or you can do sort of an ombre with glitter nail polish to recreate the scene of snow falling on the ground.

glitter nails glitter

  • Dark ombre nails – during winter, it is but normal to gravitate towards darker colors and hues and there’s no reason why dark colors shouldn’t be featured on your nails as well. A dark ombre nail design is a great idea if your looking for something winter appropriate but not festive.

dark ombre nails deisign dark ombre nails

  • Candy cane nails – if there’s one holiday that reminds you the most about winter, it would have to be Christmas. Put on a little bit on Christmas cheer on every nail by doing a candy cane themed nail design for winter. It’s very easy because you’ll just be making red and white stripes whichever way you like. use glittery red nail polish to make it look really festive.

candy cane nails candy cane nail art

Inspirational winter nail design  ideas :

winter nails (11)winter nails (1)winter nails (8)winter nails (6)winter nails (2)