10 Adorable Easter-Inspired Nail Art Ideas

One more thing to look forward to this springtime is Easter. I know not everyone celebrates it but for those of you who do, we have some really nice nail art ideas for you in case you want your nails to look cool and festive for the occasion. Check out these 10 adorable Easter-inspired nail art ideas and pick one to recreate yourself!

  • Bunny in a garden – this is such a cute nail art idea and it seems quite easy to do as well (though you may need some special nail art tools to get the job done). The design is simple: a white bunny outlined in black that looks like it’s hiding behind the fence. Only one finger on each hand has the bunny and the rest are checkered patterns (resembling fences, I reckon) and flowers.

garden bunny

  • Bunny accent nails – I know a lot of people say you can only have one accent nail per hand for nail art designs but having two on this one is totally worth breaking that ‘rule’. Paint your nails a solid color of your choice. On your index finger, draw the bunny ears and on your thumb, draw its face so when you put them together it looks like one whole cute bunny head. Cuuuuute!

accent bunny

  • Easter symbols – there are lots of cute things that symbolize / represent Easter. One of them would be bunnies / rabbits  and then you also have little chicks. If you want something that really captures the spirit of Easter on your nails, paint each nail a different Easter symbol. It may sound random but you’ll love when the whole look comes together.


  • Chevron nails – now, if you want something more subtle yet still has that ‘connection’ to Easter, try Chevron nails. This time, though, make the zigzag lines a little more crooked and a bit softer, too. This will make it look like those lines on the shell of an egg when it’s about to crack – another popular Easter symbolism.


  • Pastel ombre with glitters – another subtle way to glam up your nails for Easter is to do this very lovely pastel ombre with flecks of glitter. The flecks will remind you of the look of speckled egg shells which is another common image used to symbolize Easter.

pastel glitter ombre

  • Cheery, chirpy chicks – as mentioned above, chicks are another Easter symbolization and you can use them to make your nails really cute and cheery. Choose a bright, sunshine-y yellow color for this design to really make it pop and, if you can, use the proper nail art tools to create clean images.


  • Easter egg nail designs – now that you’re no longer a kid, you don’t get to hunt for Easter eggs anymore but don’t let that stop the fun! Why not paint your own Easter egg designs on your nails to cheer you up everytime you see them? They won’t have candy and other goodies inside but they’ll sure look awesome!

egg designs

  • Easter egg nails – here’s another take on painting your nails with your own Easter eggs for the occasion. They’re really cute and colorful and you can definitely do them freehandedly without any nail art tool.

egg domes

  • Pastel stripes – for a more mature version of Easter egg shell designs, try making simple pastel colored stripes on your nails instead. They’re much more chic and they’re still Easter-y but you can wear them even after Easter is over.

pastel stripes

  • Modern Easter eggs – a more subtle version of Easter egg nail design is shown here on this photo. We love how it’s not crazy colorful but rather more sleek and chic yet it didn’t lose that Easter-ish vibe to it. We also love how clean this looks and how you can wear this design all year round.

subtle modern