Classy Black and White Nail Art Ideas

Nail art is really in these days and with so many creative minds out there, the designs you can make for your own nail art is just endless. They say creating you own nail art is easy but if you’re like me who has very unsteady hands, it may not be so true. That’s why I’m so thankful that there are so many nail art salons being put up just about everywhere. You can get beautiful nail art done on your nails even when you don’t have a steady hand. Whether you like doing your own nail art or you like having it done at the nail salon, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that most nail art designs are super colorful and some are even blinged out with 3D embellishments so seeing a nail art design made only with black and white can be quite refreshing and elegant as well. Check out these classy black and white nail art ideas that you can recreate on your nails.

  • Black and white stripes – it’s simple and is one of the classics when it comes to nail art designs using only black and white polish. Stripes are great if you want simple and subtle nails that you can easily create at home, even without special nail art tools. If you want straight and precise stripes, just use tape as you guide. It’s that easy.

simple black and white stripes nail art stripes and accent nails

  • Yin yang nails – what good is black and white nails polish if you don’t do yin yang inspired nail art designs with them? There are plenty of ways to go about doing the yin yang design on your nails but my favorite, and I think one of the easiest, is to paint your nails half black and half white separated by a diagonal line in the middle and then do little dots on each half.

ying yang nails

yin yang accent nails

  • Newspaper nails – they make look super difficult and intricate but newspaper nails are actually quite easy to do. You’ll see both colors, black and white, in it but you’ll actually only need white as your base color and the black will come from the newspaper print. It’s an easy nail art design that’s sure to give your nails some attitude.

cute newspaper nail art newspaper nail design

  • Tuxedo nails – this one really caught my fancy when I saw it off Pinterest but I know I’ll never be able to make it myself at home so maybe the nail techs at the nail salon can have it done for my nails on my next visit but having and seeing mini tuxedos on each nail is just so cute and to die for!

tuxedo vest nail art tuxedo nail art accent

  • Black and white French tip – give the plain ol’ French tip a sleeker and classier twist by doing it in black and white. You can choose to use either white for your base with black tips or vice versa and the results are really nice and elegant.

chevron french tip black and white metallic nail art

  • Zebra print – want something more fun than just plain black and white stripes but still want to keep your nail art design classy? How about sporting some zebra printed nails? Animal print has always been a lot of women’s go-to print when they want to look fierce and zebra print is one that you can easily create with black and white.

plain zebra print nails zebra print nails