Cool and Unique Nail Design Ideas


There are women who get their manicures simply done, but some prefer cool and unique nail designs. Why would some women choose a clean, simple French manicure over elaborately decorated nails? It’s simple, the nail design nowadays are getting more creative. Although there are creative nail designs that seem impractical, still, these manicure designs are cute and quirky and it makes a statement.


Who says patterns are only for your clothes and your bags? The bright and funky hues of this design can certainly bright up one’s day. This nail design is definitely colorful, and who wouldn’t love it?


Cute Crazy Nail Embellishment

Get your nails jeweled up with this crazy nails design. You can decorate your nails with almost anything (small) that you can find in your stash of goodies. Nail decals and embellishments for nails can also be bought in drugstores or in boutiques.

blue tribal nail design


This nail art design will take you in a different universe. Nail decals such as this makes the nail design look creative without being too impractical.

 Tribal inspired nailssimple tribal inspired nails

Make your nails look like a bouquet of flowers with this unique nail art design. The rhinestones definitely added sparkle to the whole package.


Grassy Crazy Nail Manicure

Have little people “stroll” on your nails with this crazy nail design . The grassy effect of the nail decal makes the effect more gorgeous.


Random Crazy Nail Designs

If you can’t decide which design to choose for your nails, why not go random? This cool nail designs seem to be anything and everything under the sun. This is the nail design perfect for the fickle-minded ladies.

Spiked Crazy Nail Designs

Do you want to take nail art to the next level? This spiked nails has a “villain” effect to it. Perfect to use during the Halloween, or during any day you want to scare the wits of someone.

 Rubber Ducky nail design

This nail design has a certain tribal glow on it. It seems to be full of rich culture embedded on its design.

cool christmas nails

Have underwater creatures etched to your nails with this creative manicure. This design is perfect for the summer, where everything is hot, and its color cools down the heat.


Here is the photo of the craziest nail art so far. It’s jeweled, it’s creative, and it seems like you won’t be able to do anything useful if you have these nails. Nevertheless, it’s gorgeous and you can get ideas from it for your own nail designs.

cat nail design

Corpse bride nails

crazy nail design corpse bride

Just a cool nails

cool nails

There are a lot of designs for nail art that you can choose from. Some limit your functionality, and some just makes statement. Remember to choose a design that you are comfortable with. Having a good nail art does not necessarily mean that you have to have long nails. As shown on the images, there are gorgeous colorful  nail designs that you can do to short nails too.