Cool nail designs to try out

Are you tired of the usual dotted and striped nail designs? Well, with the advent of nail art materials, virtually any type of design can be drawn on your nails. If you want unique and attention-grabbing nails, then you need to try these cool nail designs ASAP.

Holographic cheetah print nails

holographic cheetah print nails

crazy cool animal print nail art

Go animalistic – Try Zebra  and leopard print  nails or Amazing Galaxy nails!

pretty pink zebra nails


Animal print nail designs are all the rage nowadays. If you want wild and funky nails, then you need to try out animal print designs such as zebra or leopard stripes.

Achieving animal nail designs is very easy. First, apply base coat evenly. Second, dip your nail art brush to your contrasting color of choice. Use your brush to draw lines on your nails for the zebra style or draw uneven circles to make Leopard prints. For best results, choose contrasting shades such as black and white (for the zebra look) or gold and black (for the leopard print.)

The beauty about animal prints is that you don’t have to worry about getting the shapes perfect. The more random the prints, the better and natural looking your nails will be.

Batman and Robin nails


Dots  ,stripes and hearts  girly nail design

cool dots and hearts nail designs

Flaunt flowers 

Flower nail designs are perfect for girly-girls, and even those who just want to have pretty-looking hands. Making a flower nail design can be done with a nail stamp, or if you want a unique look, you can do it by yourself with the use of a nail art brush.

flower nail designs

Just like art class, you just need to draw a flower on your nails. You can put the art on the center, near the tips, or near the base. You can vary the color and design of the flower for each nail. With the flower nail design, you can unleash the Michnail Angelo in you.

Geometric nail art

geometric nail art

Lavender   blue colors with pretty holographic nail polish

lavender  blue  holographic nail design

Peacock nails

peacock nails


Add sparkle – Glittery nails

Before, you need to wear embellished jewelry just to ‘sparkle’ amongst the crowd. But now, with nail art stones, you can make your nails glisten. These stones, also called cat’s eyes, can be easily applied by putting nail art glue on the base of these gems. Cat’s eyes come in a wide variety of colors. You can change your nail ‘bling’ anytime you want to.

black nails with glitter

For best results, apply your favorite base coat and apply as much nail art stones as you want to. You can add these stones to your existing flower nail art to have more glamorous nails.

With the many nail art products that are sold in the market, nail art design is fun and now easier to do. With these intricate nail design suggestions, you can have beautiful and artsy hands!

 Amazing Galaxy nails

galaxy nails

Flower nail stamps on blue marine polish

flower nail stamps on blue marine polish-nail art design

Meme faces nails

meme faces nails