10 Crackle nail polish design ideas

Crackle nail polish- cool and easy designs

Are you tired of your usual nail color? Now you can have a unique new look with crackle nail polish. This popular design has been around since the 1990’s. It’s now on a revival, and can be seen on the hands of celebrities such as Katy Perry.

katy-perry-shatter nail polish

Here’s everything you need to know about crackle nail polish.

crackle nail polish


Crackle nail polish is made with ethanol, which makes the color dry quickly. The efficient drying results in the cracked, uneven appearance on your nails (which is so cool, BTW!)



If you’re considering of painting crackles on your nails, then it’s best if you go with top brands. The most famous is OPI crackle nail polish, which comes in Black, Blue, Pink, Turquoise, Gold, Silver, Navy, Red, and White.

Crackle nails with gemstones

crackle nails with gemstones

Another is Models Own, which is available in Turkish Delight, Black, Bubblegum, Fluro Orange, and Sterling Silver.

black  with glitter crackle nail polish

As for China Glaze, available shades include Tarnished Gold, Platinum Pieces and Cracked Medallion. Mattese Elite Crackalaquers, on the other hand, comes in several colors: Blue, White, Gold, Black, Pink and Silver.

pink and black crackle nails

Gradient Blue base with  black  crackle nail polish on a top 

blue  and black crackle design

Nails Inc. Special Effects boasts of shades such as Islington Pink Crackle, The City, Camden Black Crackle, The West End, Hoxton Purple Crackle and Farringdon Crackle. As for Sally Hansen, shades you can purchase include Vintage Violet, Snow Blast, Fuchsia Shock, Fractured Foil, Antiqued Gold, Distressed Denim, Ink Splatter and Cherry Smash.

heidi crackle polish

Pastel crackle nails

pastel crackle nails

How to apply crackle nail polish

1.The first step is to pick a contrasting color, totally opposite to your crackle nail polish. Apply the base and let it dry well. If you don’t want to wait, you can use matte polish which dries so fast. For best results, apply a black, white, silver or gold base coat, colors which work well with any other crackle nail polish

2. Shake the crackle nail polish before applying the shatter shade on top of your base coat. Apply the color from side to side, instead of the usual regimen that starts with the middle and ends with the sides. Paint the shade quickly because it might smudge your base coat underneath.

3. Apply only a thin coat to have more small cracks on your nails. If you want bigger cracks, apply a thicker coat of shatter color. After the crackle coat has dried, apply a top coat to preserve the rugged design on your nails.

Sponged black and white  crackle nail polish design

sponged crackle nail polish design


Hot Pink and silver

pink and silver nail design

Red and gold

red and gold crackle  nail design

  Magnetic green nail polish   with silver crackle nail polish on a top

silver crackle nail polish

You can also use crackle nail polish for your tips. You can blend it with your natural-colored nails, or you can work it alongside a contrasting hue.