Crea Nails – Professional Nail Polish Stencils Review

I remember not too long ago when I was just a little lass watching Popeye the Sailor on Cartoon Network for as long as my parents would let me sit in front of the television. One scene from that show has stayed with me after all this time and that was when Olive Oyl got her nails painted through a giant block with cutouts for her toes and one swipe of the world’s largest paint brush.

I always thought that was such a cool idea to metaphorically kill 5 birds with one stone and it was only a matter of time that someone made such a system to easily paint your nails.

Crea Nails – Professional Nail Polish Stencils Review

Yesterday, while mindlessly browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon a product called CreaNails, which employs a very similar technique to Popeye’s lady. Check out the likeness below.

Crea Nails – Professional Nail Polish Stencils

In the episode Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp, Olive sticks her alarmingly flexible toes through a block with special cutouts for her nails. Then a large brush is painted over the entire block and upon pulling out of the block, she reveals perfectly painted nails!

Crea Nails

The CreaNails process is not much different. It doesn’t protect the cuticles from painting with reckless abandon, but it does a pretty good job of ensuring the sides of the nails don’t get splattered on.

Modern Day Olive Oyl CreaNails

I think this is a nifty idea for those learning to paint their nails or who are just prone to manicuring the sides of their fingers too. This kit is sold for $24.99 and you can get more info on it here.

Thanks for reading.