Gel nail polish – Gel nails at home!

Gel nail polish at home guide

Traditional nail polish might look good on your nails, but in a day or two you can expect the color to chip, or for your nails to grow beyond the nail color. If these problems bother you a lot, you need not fret any longer because  uv gel nail polish can address your problems with traditional nail color – and more.

gel nail polish

All about gel nail polish

This nail polish is made of the same material used for glue-on gel nails. Unlike traditional nail colors. It can last for two weeks without a chip.

While Dashing Diva has the Gelife Manicure available in many beauty shops, for best results you need to visit the salon. Applying gel nail polish is just like applying traditional nail polish. Of course, your manicurist will push the cuticles back, file and buff your nails before she applies the nail polish.


After a coat is applied, your manicurist will ask you to put your nails under a  led UV light for 30 seconds or regular UV lamp for 2 mins. You then need to repeat the drying process after a second coat is applied. Gel nail polish dries so fast you don’t have to immobilize your fingers for half an hour in fears of ruining your new Mani.

Gel polish with design

gel nail polish with design

The Brands- Shellac ,Gelish and Opi gel nail polish

Opi  ,Gelish and Shellac  is the most well know brands for gel nail polish , but it is not cheap.. So you can look on ebay and  find the  China analog for cheap..

Black onyx OPI gel nail polish with pink dried flower

opi gel nail polish

Getting it off.

Unfortunately, switching to another color or resting your nails from nail polish is not as easy as applying acetone on your nails. You will be given a removal kit, and you need to follow the directions well in order to remove the color.

How to remove gel nail polish?

The directions are as follows: soak a cotton ball with acetone and put it on top of your nail. Cover your nail and the cotton with aluminum foil and leave it on for 15 minutes. The downside of having gel nail polish is that it’s hard to remove. You might need to perform the steps twice or thrice in order to remove the color completely. In case you don’t succeed, you need to go to your manicurist so she can file it off your nails.

glittery opi gel nail polish

The decision

Gel Nail Polish has many pros . If you’re one who doesn’t have the time to get a mani-Pedi regularly, then this revolutionary nail formulation is for you.

gel polish

Fortunately, the strength and longevity of gel nail polish comes with a  fair price – $5 a bottle on ebay, which is equivalent to  a price of  regular nail polish .If you looking for a big brand like Opi  or Shellac be ready to shell off $45..

blue gel polish with glitter

If you’re after long-lasting color (and if you don’t mind paying the added costs,) uv gel nail polish is best for you.