Gorgeous and Easy-to-do Nail Design Ideas

Nail art is one of the full- grown fashion trends in the makeover industry at present. In fact, various nail design ideas are made available in every corner of the fashion stores all over the zone. Provided with the fact that more and more manufacturers today engage themselves in this fast-growing business endeavor makes it harder for the consumers to arrive at the best nail design ideas.  

striped pink nail design


How to select the most suitable designs and colors for a uniquely special individual like you?

This is the question! Indeed, more and more ladies get to know confusions along the way.

This further calls for the correct understanding on better designs that will go hand in hand with a wearer’s personality. Leading to the aim of helping ladies choose the best design for their nails; here are few things that might be found helpful.

polka dot nail design

If you are into the simple and plain nail designs, you can always grab a bolder style for your beautiful nails on both fingers and toes. Bid goodbye to plain pink and white. Learn to experiment. You must not close your mind to salon- designed nails. That’s too expensive, though.

Basically, complex styles call for a professional help from salon; but, simple ones can be handled by you solely.

Remember that you can always bring out the best in your nails by freely letting your creativity flow.

tropical nail design idea


Hand-painted designs are the most trouble-free idea to grab for a casual day. Floral designs don’t need too much toil and time. In most cases, a set of regular nail colors and some glitter paints are good to go.

First, grab a toothpick. Cut it into half and dip it in the colors that you want to use for a flower petal. Simply make a circle, afterwards and that’s it! Augment it through adding either a glitter paint that forms into an elegant rhinestone at the center of the groups of petals.

grey and pink nails


In order to boost a little texture in your nails, here’s how.

Have a regular nail polish at hand and get ready to begin. Apply a thick layer of nail polish in your nails. Any color will do but a vibrant color is highly suggested. Grab a piece of toothpick. Slightly apply a few dots of white on the first coat that you applied few minutes ago. However, make sure that this layer had now gone completely dry to avoid smudges. This time, dab another coating on top of the dots to achieve a topmost highlight. Glitters will do best.

grey and gold glitter nail polish design

Moreover, if you find it difficult to design your nails from your end, you can use those attractive and intricate nail art stickers. Place them over your nails and apply a protective topcoat to have a beautiful finish.


Lastly, a pretty expensive idea is through airbrush designs. Directly knock at your favorite salon’s door and presto! Your nails will look gorgeously head-turning.

Pink nail design with glitter

pink nail design with glitter

Pretty minty  and white nails design idea with silver glitter

pretty nails

watercolor nail design

watercolor nail design