Interesting Textured Nail Art Design

Having cute designs on your nails can definitely perk up your looks even when the designs isn’t all that visible. Nail art became popular a few years back and it still is very popular today. Lots of nail salons now offer unique nail art designs and quite a few brands have also been coming out with various nail art tools that you can use to do your own nail art at home and get more professional looking results. In the past years, nail techs have taken nail art to a whole new level with more intricate and complicated designs from 2D and 3D ones to ones that require certain tools and equipments to achieve. For nail art enthusiasts, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about and seen a couple or more textured nail art designs that had you looking twice. Check out these interesting textured nail art design and tell us which one you would recreate.

  • Caviar nail art – the UK brand Ciate came up with Caviar Nail art set and launched it around early 2012, allowing consumers to be able to do the caviar manicure (which Ciate made famous) right in the comfort of their own homes. The kit contains three bottles: one clear nail polish (top coat), one plain nail polish (base color) and one filled with little caviar beads. It also has a funnel that you can use when cleaning up the excess caviar beads.

rainbow caviar nails ciate caviar nails

  • Beaded nail art – the Ciate caviar manicure can be quite pricey so if you’re on a tight budget, doing beaded nail art is one of the less expensive options. The process is very similar except that you can use whatever base coat and top coat to use and as for the caviar beads, you can use those that you can get from your local craft store.

gold beaded nails

heart beaded nail art

  • Cracked nail art – the cracked look on nails is very intriguing and interesting. At first glance, you’ll think that it’s very complicate but it’s actually quite easy. You can find cracking nail polish from drug stores and beauty supply stores. This kind of nail polish produces a cracked appearance as it dries. Apply a base coat (preferable one that creates contrast with the color of your cracking nail polish), top it off with the cracking nail polish, wait for it to dry and apply clear top coat to seal it in.

multi color cracking nails purple cracked nails

  • Velvet nail art – another textured nail art design that Ciate has made popular is the velvet nail art. There are lots of other brands that make this kind of nail art kits that are less expensive than the Ciate kit. I haven’t personally tried it out, though, just because I’m not sure how I feel about having fuzzy nails. It looks very interesting, though. So if you’re looking for a unique nail art style, definitely check it out.

fuzzy velvet nails sexy red velvet nails

  • Liquid sand nail art – the last texture nail art design that really caught my attention (and I’m sure it will catch yours, too) is the liquid sand nail art. It looks coarse and gritty and other brands make theirs with flecks of glitter in the formula. It’s definitely eye catching, too, and it’s something that I personally am willing to try out.

opi liquid sand liquid sand nail art