Mustache Nails Tutorial

Mmm kay! I have been obsessed with mustache-themed everything for … forever. Tell me the cuteness sucks you in too! This is why I couldn’t pass up this adorable nail art look!

Mustache Nails Tutorial

For this über easy design, I painted 4 of my nails with Revlon’s Marmalade and then swiped the nail on my ring finger with Sally Hansen’s Mint Sorbet. The mustache designs are actually nail stickers from the Born Pretty Store, which has a really wide selection of nail and beauty accessories for very affordable prices. They were kind enough to send me the nail art used for this look.

Mustache Nails

The vinyl stickers applied very easily and smoothly after my polish was dry and then I painted one layer of a top coat to seal everything in. You can find this sticker pack for just $0.99 here. If you are interested in anything on the store, you can get 10% off your order using the code LAP10K31.

Mustache Nails Tips

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