Nail art designs

Nail art designs with pictures

Nail art designs are cute and funky blueprints which spruce up your otherwise ‘plain’ nails. With the many nail stuff equipment available out there, you need not visit the manicurist to have the lovely nails you have always wanted. If you have the time, the proper materials, and the creativity to make nail art, then here are ideas which can help you out.

Bright nails

bright tribal nails

For this design you need three bright colored nail colors, such as pink, yellow, and green. You also need two colors of stripers, such as white and yellow. Apply the three colors of nail polish diagonally on your fingers. Make diagonal lines with a white and yellow striper. Dry. Now you’re ready to shock your friends with this rad nail design!

Bright polka dot nails.

Bright polka dot nails

Paint your nails white then cover it with bright polka dots

Bright blue nails with flower design and  a little gemstone

cute nails colorful nail art

Cool  black and white scull nails


scull nails


Colorful French Tips

colorful french tips design

Now, you can add more color with the traditional French tip. For this design you need at least five colors of acrylic nail polish, rhinestones or cat’s eyes, and a translucent base coat. First, apply the base coat and dry. Using your acrylic, apply a line of color on the edge of your fingernail. Underneath the first color, apply the second one. Repeat the process until you have applied the five acrylic colors. Glue a rhinestone on the edge of your nail tip.

Lovely nails

hearts nail design

This easy design only needs a red nail polish and a white striper. Apply the nail polish evenly on your nails, and with the use of the striper, draw hearts on the nail. You can also glue a sparkly rhinestone on your nail for best results.

Gradient pink with glitter

gradient pink manicure with glitter

Pretty Psychedelic

cute dark galaxy nails

For this design you need a black nail polish, and shimmery/glittery nail polish in blue, green, copper, and purple. Apply black nail polish on your nail and dry it out. Apply one vertical stroke of green shimmery polish on the middle of your nail. Apply another stroke of blue glittery polish on the left of the green polish, slightly overlapping it. Apply a purple coating on the right side, slightly overlapping the green polish as well. Dry these coats and apply a translucent copper polish on your nails for a ‘mood ring’ effect.

Awesome Argyle

agryle nails

For this simple design you need a nail polish color of your choice (for best effects, use a bright one) and a black striper. Apply polish in a “X” direction, to make a design of two triangles meeting in the center. With the striper draw an argyle, crisscross pattern on your nails.