5 Cute Nail Design Ideas

Nails are perhaps the smallest part of a girl’s body that’s given lots of attention and care. As a matter of fact, a lot of women are willing to spend a ton of money on nail care products and nail care that sometimes it just doesn’t seem practical anymore. Sure, nail designs are pretty and all but are they really worth that much? Why not buy your own nail polishes and nail art tools instead and do your own nail designs? On this article, you’ll see a lot of cute nail designs and a brief summary of how they’re done and what you need to get it done, of course.

Modern French tips – when it comes to nails, French tips are a classic. However, it can get boring at times. So, why not spice up your French tips a little and add some color? It’s very easy, really. All you need are 2 nail polishes of different colors. Use one color as your base color and the other one as your tip color and proceed just as you would when doing a regular French tip. This design is classy and a little edgy and is perfect for any day.

Classy. chic, colored modern French tips

Animal print French tips

Ombre Nails – do a gradient nail on your look by taking a beauty/makeup sponge using any 2 colors of polish, a toothpick, a sponge and any non-absorbent flat surface like paper. First off, paint your nails with the base color of your choice. Paint the flat surface with a generous amount from both colors, ensuring that they touch only slightly then use the toothpick to blend the colors together. Once the colors are blended, dab the color on to your sponge until you get enough color and then the sponge to your nails. Remove excess polish when you’re done.

Seafoam ombre nails with glitters

Peach-mango inspired gradient ombre nails

The Hidden Rainbow – this is a very cute, Jamaican rasta-reggae inspired nail design. To do this, paint your with strips of different colors from the rainbow and let it dry then put on strips of scotch tape in the opposite direction of your rainbow stripes (you can cut the tape strips thinner if you like)and paint it with black or any dark color you prefer. Let the dark coat dry and peel off the tape.

Colorful and dark at the same time

Water marbled nails are another option if you want really colorful nails

Newspaper nail design – this is perhaps one of the easiest to do. Just take a base color of your choice (light colors work best e.g. white, taupe, light grey) and paint your nails with it and let dry. Once dry, dip your fingers in rubbing alcohol and press on a small piece of newspaper for a few seconds then peel off. The text on the newspaper will then be transferred to your nails.

Cute newspaper nail art

Try using a metallic nail polish as base for a futuristic look

Caviar manicure – just recently, the popular nail products brand Ciate launched their ‘Caviar manicure’ set which includes a base coat, a top coat and some micro bead that you can put on your nails for a nice textured effect. However, this is another one of those products that are super expensive. The good thing is, with just some beads from your local craft store, you’ll be able to recreate the ‘caviar manicure’ design. Paint your nails with your base coat and while it isn’t thoroughly dry, sprinkle the beads on them and press lightly and cover with the top coat. You’ll have to do one finger at a time with this design.

Caviar manicure gives interesting texture to nails 

There are a lot more designs that you can do yourself but if you don’t have creative hands, you can always choose to go with nail foils, nail decals and nail stickers, all of which are way cheaper than expensive nail art from nail salons.

Want extremely glossy nails? Use nail foils

Black and pink nail design

pastel pink and black nails

pastel pink nails with gold glitterpale pink nails with glitter

Pastel glitter nail designpastel glitter nails

blue and silver nail design

blue and silver nail design

Pastel pink nails with leopard designpink and leopard nails