Easy Nail designs for short nails

Cute and Easy Nail designs for short nails – Simple and stylish!

Long nails are great canvasses for fun and funky nail art, but they can be hard to maintain. If you like having low-maintenance short nails, you can now embellish it with designs, as if they were traditional long nails. Here are some interesting nail designs for short nails.

Sweet strawberry nails.

strawberry nails

Strawberries look and taste good, and now you can have this nail design on your short nails. You just need green, pinkish-red and black nail colors. First, paint your nails with the pinkish-red nail polish. Then, paint the leaf crown on the base of your nails. Dip a sharpened toothpick in your black nail color (or you can use a striper) to draw dots on your nails.

Fimo nail art

fimo fruit nail art

Character designs. Tribal signs, Japanese figures, and Chinese characters can be great nail designs for short nails. You just need two contrasting nail polish colors for this style. First, paint your nails with your color of choice. Then, with a toothpick dipped in nail polish or a striper, draw the tribal sign or foreign character on your nails.

pokemon nails

Make sure to copy the character from a book or a website in order to draw the exact image. For a unique style, draw a different kind of character per nail.

Angry birds nails

angry birds nails

Angry Birds Nail Art


Vivid French tips.

french  tip colorful nails

You don’t need to have long nails just to have French tips. You can make this nail design for short nails look contemporary by making use of vibrant colors. For one, the combination of orange and navy blue is a great way to modernize your French tips. Apply one color as the base, and another as the tip. This easy to do design is unique and truly effortless.

Easy french manicure with bow design

french  manicure with bow

Striped nails –  cool  and easy nail designs for short nails

striped  nails with glitter

Cool black  nails with pink stripes

black and pink nails

Hot pink nails

hot pink nails

Butterfly beauties. Butterflies are cute nail designs for short nails. With this design you need to prepare a couple of nail polish colors.

buttefly nails

First, you need to paint your nails with your preferred background color. With a striper (or a toothpick dipped in nail polish) draw the figure of a butterfly. Start with wings, and end the look by drawing the antenna. Fill the butterfly wings with color. You can also design the wings with dots or stripes.

Polka dot nails

polka dot nails

Abstract nails. Do you get bored easily with a monotonous design?

galaxy-nail art

Abstract and different colors are easy nail designs for short nails. You don’t have to be a nail art genius to do this, because all you just need to do is paint different colors (add designs if you wish) for each nail.

Gradient nail art

bright blue gradient nails