Non-conventional French Tip Manicure Designs to Rock Any Time

French tip is one of the easiest yet most classic and elegant manicure designs of all time. It’s been around for so long that today, you’ll see hundreds, maybe even thousands, of variations of this manicure design ranging from simple ones to those that are more complicated and intricate. If you’re a fan of French tips and you’re looking for ways to spice up this simple style, check out these non-conventional French tip manicure designs that you can rock anytime.


  • Colored tips – the regular French tips feature a neutral base and plain white tips which give it the classy look but if you want something more fun and exciting, you can always ditch the white tips and color them with fun, bright and funky hues. I like to color each tip a different color so it looks like I have on a bit like a rainbow on each hand but if you like to keep it chic and mature, you can stick to one color for all the tips instead.

fun colored tips dark colored french tip

  • Colorful French tips – now, if colored tips aren’t enough for you, you can always go for colorful French tips instead. Paint your nails a bright color for the base and use complimentary or contrasting colors for the tips to make your nails really pop. This colorful French tip variation is perfect for spring and summer.

colorful french tip

pink and purple french tip

  • Metallic French tips – for a really modern and chic French tip look, you can use metallic nail polish to use on your tips. Make your French tip manicure design even more fierce by using a nice, warm and dark color for your base. The combination of a dark color and metallic tips is just simply divine.

red gold metallic french tip silver metallic half moon tip

  • Ombre French tips – take your French tip manicure to a whole other level by doing ombre tips! Ombre has been such a cool trend for a couple of years now and having them on your nails is definitely worth all the hard work. And we say hard work because doing ombre tips can be a bit time consuming. But then again, it’s totally worth it.

glossy ombre tips white ombre tips

  • Matte and metallic French tip – for a French tip combo that’s truly posh, try using matte and metallic nail polishes. You can use the matte color for your base and the metallic color for your tips or you can also do it the other way around. One of my personal favorite matte and metallic French tip color combo is matte black and metallic gold. It’s just so sleek and elegant.

black matte gold metallic tips matte metallic reverse french tips

  • Artsy French tips – got time on your hands? Why not do something a little more intricate like artsy French tips? Paint your nails a plain, solid base and get crafty and creative with the tips. Do intricate nail art designs, add some nail blings on, stick some nail decals – these are just some of the things you can do to take your French tip game up a notch.

bow tips pink zebra tips

  • Chevron French tips – unlike the regular French tips where you color your tips just straight across, a chevron French tip requires you to create a V in the middle of your tips. It’s a really nice and fresh take on the traditional French tip and it looks creative, too.

lovely chevron tips glossy chevron tips