Cute Toenail Designs

Cute toenail designs – Do it Yourself!

Apart from your fingernails, your toenails will also benefit from cute and funky nail art. Because your toenails are wider than longer, there are certain designs that will work better on them. Here are several cute toenail designs for you to try out:

Striped design for  toenails

Striped  design for toenails

Yin and Yang.

“Dark and light” – this cute toenail design is very simple to create. You just need black and white nail polish, and stripers or toothpicks for the design.

yin yang toenails

Paint the yin and yang (black and white) design on your toes. With the use of a striper, draw a black dot on the white field and a white dot on the black field.

Crackle  or Shatter pedicure design

Crackle shatter pedicure design

Nail stamping

toe nail stamping

Minty nail polish base  layer   with floral design on a top

floral pastel pedicure design


Watermelon fun. This cute toenail design is easy to create. All you just need are four nail polish colors: dark green, pink, black, and white.

Watermelon Toenails pedicure

You can also prepare stripers in the aforementioned colors, or toothpicks which you can dip in your nail polish for design. On one toenail, paint your toenail dark green and draw in white lines with the use of a striper or a toothpick. This is the covering of the watermelon. On your other toenail, paint the nail bed pink. Use a black striper or toothpick immersed in black nail polish and draw dots on the nail. Paint dark green on your tips and border it out with a white striper. Apply these designs alternately on your toes.

Pink and black french  pedicure

pink and black pedicure

M&M toes.

m and m toenails

With this cute toenail design, your toes will look colorful and sweet! Prepare five candy-colored nail polish shades, and a white striper. Paint each toe with a different shade. With a striper, draw the letter M on the middle of each nail.

Cute flower design for toenails

Flowers Toe nail art

Zebra stripes. With this cute toenail design, you just need two nail colors – black and white – and a few minutes of your time. Paint white nail polish on all of your nails.

zebra toenail design

With the use of a striper or a toothpick dipped in black nail color, draw wavy lines on your toes to make it look like you have zebra stripes on your nails.

cool striped toenails design

Pretty pastel candy toenails!

pastel multicolored   toenail design

Another pasted design with gemstones- great for open toe  shoes and summer sandals

pastel toenail art with gemstones

Stars are blind. Draw the night sky on your toes with this cute toenail design. Paint metallic or glittery black on your nails.

american flag  pedicure

Use a white striper or a toothpick dipped in white nail polish to draw a star on each of your nails. Since the big toe has a big canvass, it’s best if you draw two to three stars on it. Randomize the look by drawing the stars on middle or the sides of the toenails.