Why i love gel nail polish!

This is my first time doing my own gel manicure! I came across gel nail polish while searching for  uv gel to straighten my natural nails.

I decided to give it a try and   I really love the result! And it is really simple to apply,  exactly  the same as regular nail polish, just you have to cure it in uv or led  lamp .

uv gel nail polish  manicure

I have had my gel nails for a  7 days now, and they stay perfect! I wash dishes and clean kitchen and  I do everything for a week and  still no chips!  I often  have chips after a 2 or 3 days, but not at  this time! The gel nail polish feels like natural nails, just stronger, and lasts much longer than ordinary nail polish.

gel nail polish

Check out some  more colors of gel polish

First, for The best long lasting result, you have to apply the  base coat, then cure it for  1 or 2 minutes  in a uv lamp. Then you can apply 2 coats of  colored uv nail polish and have to cure each layer in uv lamp for 2 minutes. And the last  step – apply   clear top coat, cure it.

The result will be a perfect  manicure at home, that took about 15 minutes to do. I really like  a few things about gel nail polish- it makes my nails  really stronger and  lasts much longer than any  nail polish. Also it is very easy to apply at home, no need  to go and spend money to a beauty salon. And also layer  of  gel nail polish is really thin and feels just like natural nails, not like heavy layered fake and plastic looking  nails , that you can get often  in salon. Layer of gel nail polish feels really thin and natural. It is very shiny  and shine stay forever, which surprise me as well. Gel nail polish works  as promised( it is rare today!).

Good advantage of uv gel nail polish – the price! You can really get perfect shiny  nails, that lasts , at home for cheap! Sounds like dream come true for many girls like me ,who love cool looking nails ,but hates  reapply and reapply nail polish  every 3 days! Nails become weak and  get broken fast.

With uv gel nail polish you can grow your nails , as  gel polish is stronger than   regular polish and  nails they stay protected  for much longer time.

There is a ton of colors  you can choose. My preferred is   classic pale  pink with sparkles, then I maybe will try a bright red or something funny, like candy pink. But definitely I will throw in garbage all my regular nail polishes!