Office Makeup Dos and Don’ts

We all love to look great, especially at the workplace where we face lots of different people. However, doing your makeup for work should be a bit more special. It should look gorgeous but not overdone and there are certain colors and looks that should be left for weekends off. Office makeup doesn’t have to necessarily always look natural. You can always use a bit of color on certain areas every now and then but there sure are limits. Most offices don’t really have a specific guideline on what makeup looks are okay and what makeup looks shouldn’t be worn while at the workplace but it’s always better to be at the safe side, right? Take a look at these office makeup do’s and don’ts and see how you can look both gorgeous and professional at the same time.


  • DON’T use fake lashes – forget about having fuller, thicker lashes, no one cares about that at the workplace. Also, it can be a real inconvenience and embarrassment when your falsies fall in the middle of a meeting with the big bosses or while you have a client in front of you. Sure, you can always bring a small tube of glue and reattach them but just the thought of them falling in front of people can be really awkward.

natural office makeup sexy office makeup

  • DO master the dewy makeup look – the dewy makeup look is one of the prettiest looks you can do for office makeup. it looks soft and feminine and it gives you that instant glow that makes your skin look healthy, soft and supple. Mastering the dewy makeup look will make it easier for you to make this one of your go to office makeup looks so when you have nothing better to do at home, sit in front of your vanity and get on to mastering this pretty look.

neutral makeup look

nude lip makeup

  • DON’T self tan right before work – self-tanning is fine. It’s one of the easiest ways to get some color on pale skin, especially during colder months but if you’re going to do some self-tanning, do it on the weekends when you don’t have to go to work! Self-tanning takes a lot of time. You’ll have to blend a lot and buff the product on to your skin for maximum absorption and there’s just not enough time for that on weekdays. Even if you’ve mastered self tanning and can do it quicker, you still need loads of time to let the product absorb so it doesn’t transfer to your clothes.

healthy dewy look makeup with eye glasses

  • DO keep your makeup simple – natural makeup is best for the office but you can also add pops of color on the eyes anytime to make your look more interesting. Just make sure that the colors you use won’t make you look like you’re about to go clubbing or anything like that. Go easy on applying products and remember that most offices have very bright lighting so every single mistake is easily seen.

glam makeup look for the office pretty office makeup

  • DON’T pile it on – when doing your makeup for the office, make sure you use certain products so that it lasts all day. Using a primer is key to making your makeup last from 9 to 5 and even beyond. You’ll want your makeup to last so you don’t have to deal with touch ups and pile more makeup on to your face to make it look cakey, creasy, and blotchy.

dewy makeup look simple makeup look