Old School Beauty Tricks that Still Work Wonders

The beauty industry has been evolved and has been revolutionized in so many ways and there have been so many beauty trends that came and went, some of which we have tried and loved and others we didn’t find useful. When it comes to beauty practices, trends, tips and tricks, figuring out which ones work and which ones don’t can be quite confusing and, honestly, a little upsetting sometimes. One person will rave about how a certain trick works wonders for her but when you try it out yourself, nothing happens. If you’re looking for some tricks of the trade that actually work, it may be time to remember what you saw mom or grandma doing back when you were younger and knew nothing about makeup and beauty. Check out these old school beauty tricks that still work wonders today and tell us if there are any that you still put to practice.

  • Using cucumbers on the eyes – this was a very popular practice back in the day and though there are still some who do this, many just take the convenient route and opt for eye masks and other instant products instead. If you want a natural way to soothe your eyes, though, this is definitely the trick for you. Get rid of dry, puffy eyes from a sleepless night by putting a slice each of cucumber on the eyes. They’re cold and full of moisture, making them perfect for combating the appearance of tired eyes.

cucumber eye treatment beaufiul bright eyes

  • Baby powder as dry shampoo alternative – dry shampoo has been around for quite some time now but they weren’t as easily and conveniently available back then as they are today. When washing the hair wasn’t an option, women used baby powder to soak up the oil in their hair. it can be a little tricky if you have dark hair, though, so make sure you give it a good shake and check twice in the mirror to see that there are no spots covered in powder before you go.

baby powder dry shampoo

sexy big hair

  • Sealing the pores with cold water – whether you’re washing your face or your whole body, using cold water for the final rinse is one tried and true method of sealing the pores so that dirt and bacteria can’t get in. Wash up with warm water as usual and lather up with whatever cleanser it is that you use. Rinse with warm water and when all the product has been rinsed off, blast your face / body with some cold water to seal the pores and give your wash a refreshing ending.

old school bath time beautiful flawless face

  • Curling with rags – hairstyling before wasn’t as quick and easy as it is today. Back then, women didn’t have electricity or the tools to create gorgeous hairstyles at home. So, how did women do curls without hair tools? They rolled sections of their hair up in rags and slept in them overnight. Today, you can still do this if you want to go heatless with your hairstyles.

wet rag curls how to vintage rag curls

  • Visine for acne – back when they didn’t have a lot of products to cover up flaws on the face, Visine was the go-to solution for concealing acne. Visine contains Tetrahydrozoline and this is what makes the blood vessels constrict so that acne becomes less inflamed and looks less visible on the skin. It’s a great quick fix that you can still use today.

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