One Shoulder Dresses

One Shoulder Dresses  –   How to Look hot and classy at the same time! 

            I’m pretty sure you’ve seen celebrities who rock one shoulder dresses on the red carpet whenever there are award shows and events like socialite Kim Kardashian and Cat Deeley. Good news! Everyone can rock this trend from top to bottom so if you want to get it on with one shoulder dresses, there are a few things you must learn.

White one shoulder dress

white one shoulder dress

First off, one shoulder dresses are suited for all body types so you don’t have to worry if you will end up being a laughing stock at your coming party. When choosing for a color of the one shoulder dress, it’s safe to choose a rock solid one. This is the basics when wearing them.

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively pairs up one shoulder dresses with belts. This is to give emphasize your waists. Also, your look can go from “same-old” to fabulous.

Don’t go overboard when accessorizing though. Pair one shoulder dresses with great and stylish shoes and throw in a great bag or you can opt for that Hollywood look and use nude stilettos and a pretty clutch.

For jewelry, it’s best to give emphasis on your neckline so that mean, necklaces are a big no. However, you can always use cocktails rings or earrings. Just keep in mind that the highlight here are your shoulder and neck, so don’t be afraid to flaunt it!

To mix it up a little, you can either use pencil skirts for or tight pants if you’re after that boho chic image. The key here is looking fresh and at the same time, sophisticated.

It is very insightful to see bra straps even if they are transparent, when wearing one shoulder dresses. So it’s best if you wear strapless ones. Also, when buying one shoulder dresses, make sure it fits your bust line as they vary from one dress to another.


evening one shoulder dresses

To perfect this look, get your up in a nice and sophisticated style. This will keep the attention on your shoulder strap.

casual chic one shoulder dresses

If you happen to be stuck on idea on the style of one shoulder dress to wear, here, we have some ideas.

Purple one shoulder dress

purple one shoulder dress

Black one shoulder dress

black one shoulder dresses

Black one should dress that has sequined and beaded waistline looks absolutely fabulous for evening parties or for prom. 90210 Star AnnaLyn McCord rocked the black wide strapped one shoulder dress at an event. She kept her style simple with a cocktail ring and fancy shoes.

coral  and pink one shoulder dresses

One shoulder bridesmaid dresses

grey and pink one shoulder dresses

Pink one shoulder dresses are perfect for that flirty and romantic vibe on social gatherings.

One shoulder prom dresses

one shoulder prom dresses


Sequined one shoulder dresses looks fine if you want to drive attention to you. Since the material is made of sequins, you don’t need to try hard to be under the spotlight.

one shoulder dress paris hilton

Beautiful Leopard print and white dresses

leoprad print and white one shoulder dresses

Green and blue one shoulder cocktail dresses

green and blue one shoulder dresses

Chic summery Dresses with floral print

floral print one shoulder dresses

Hairstyles for one shoulder dresses should be sleek  , classy and elegant , show the beauty of your shoulders and your  slender body.