Perfect Medium Hairstyles

If you don’t want your hair short and you don’t it to be long either, then, go for medium hairstyles that are just right. Medium length hairstyles are causal hairstyles that you can wear anywhere. They are free-flowing, unstructured, and easy-going giving you the most comfortable hair.

Long hair are less manageable, while super short hair are just too short that makes you uneasy if you look good on them. So to manage this dilemma, why not choose versatile short medium hairstyles that can give you the best of both worlds?

Medium hairstyles are practical and simple, yet stylish and you can wear them in a number of ways. If you are looking for nice medium hairstyle designs, the following medium celebrity hairstyles are the best that I have seen so far:

Jessica Alba wears a medium length wavy hair that is very light and effortlessly beautiful.The wavy hair makes the medium length hair very pretty and the highlights also complement the length of the hair.

Medium haircut

For a classic hairstyle, a medium length straight hair by Dakota Fanning is really very pretty and chic. This hairstyle can transcend trends and will remain to be trendy as the years come. If you are tired with the hairstyle, you can grow it longer for that gorgeous hair.

Dakota Fanning Medium hairstyle

Eva Longoria wears one of the most popular medium layered hairstyles. This hairstyle is best for more formal events.

Layered hair

If you are more adventurous, you can also have this layered bob with bangs and red highlights for that bolder look.

Medium angled bob

A simple medium haircut with bangs is another pretty medium length hairstyle that you can have. This hairstyle makes you look younger and bubblier.

Medium haircut with bangs

A medium length bob is also very nice if you want an easy-to-manage hairstyle. You can just leave your hair this way without looking less groomed because medium length bobs are meant to be slightly messy.

Medium length bob

If you want more drama to your medium bob, you can curl your hair to get pretty waves. Also, have a bed hair partition for that natural look.

Medium length hair

If you want some variety to your medium straight hair, you can have side swept bangs to add style to your hair such as this one on Reese Witherspoon.

Medium straight hair

You can also have medium to long hairstyle by adding body to your hair such as this one.

Medium wavy cut

For younger women, short to medium hairstyles are very nice. Here, Selena Gomez wears a curly brunette hair for that stand out beauty.

Pretty medium hairstyle

Medium hairstyles are very pretty and light. Get the best of both short and long hairstyles with these medium hairstyle ideas.