Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hello my dear lovely ladies, how excited are you thinking and dreaming about your big prom night? Try out these amazing prom hairstyles for long hair !I can see the wide smile spreading across your face just by hearing the word big prom night, well it’s a dream of every your girl to dress up well and presentable in front of her loved one, but have you decided what you are going to wear? The next question is, then what about your hairstyle? Hair makes us look beautiful and with a bad hair, no matter how hard you try with good clothes and make up it isn’t going to help you much. Those with long hair can try any hairstyle and am sure it will just look gorgeous, for long hairs are always a gift.


Prom Hair

How are you planning to style your hair? Let it in loose long curls, flowing like waves, updos with bangs, and just blow dry hair with curls at the edges? The options may go on, lets discuss about some of the basic ideas of most common yet sexy looking prom hairstyles for long hair. Plan well before you execute, and look like a Goddess and special on the special night.

Curly hair

Go Curly:

Curly hairs will look beautiful for almost any type of face cut and if you have a wavy of almost straight hair, just wash and condition well and then blow dry your hair and use curling iron or curling barrels to curl your hair and pin it at the sides. Add shine to those lovely curls using shine serum.

 Half up half down hairstyle


Prom Updos:

For have a wavy look, just up lift the crown area a little, always remember not to do overdo, for it may ruin your style, then using the curling iron, curl the bottom area as much length as you wish and pin up a section of hair from the from updo with pins or hair accessories to secure your style.


High curls

High Curls:

For this style, as you can see in the above picture, curl your hair after a blow dry for neat defined curls and lift as much as hair you want and pin up the curls like a pony tail, leaving some hair beneath and at the sides, for more sexy look.

Blow dry


Blow-dry With Edgy Curls:

This hair style will look great for those with thick volume, blow dry your hair and curl the edges, leave it free flowing without any pins or accessory for such a natural look that will look fantastic, add shine using a shine serum.


Long straight hair

Straight and Shiny prom hairstyle:

This will suit all those who have straight shiny hair or have done straight hair treatments, just let your straight hair rule the night with its shiny looks.


Messy Hair

Messy Wavy prom hairstyle for long hair:

This is yet another style to try if you are looking for a funky, fun hairstyle, you can try these messy waves. Just updo the crown area and create waves with large curl barrels and leave loosely flowing, you can add some hair extensions with desired colors if needed.