Promise Rings for Couples

Promise rings for couples are never an unknown jewel or accessory in this present time. Despite this, only few know the meaning of a promise ring. What is the meaning behind these beautiful and elegant promise rings? Can this be given for other reasons rather than weddings and engagements? How about those religious promise rings for women? What finger does a promise ring supposed to be worn on?

promise rings

These are just some of the significant questions that men and women ought to know about promise rings.

Peeping Through Various Truths about Promise Rings

Engraved promise rings for couples

 Engraved promise rings for couples symbolize a genuine promise and commitment between two people bound by love. This accessory must not be limited to weddings and engagements solely. This type of ring can be given to a very dear friend. Nevertheless, the acts of giving and accepting a promise ring must be understood by both persons to steer clear from all sorts of misunderstandings that can blemish the good relationship shared by these people.

Here are few of the relevant things that everybody must know concerning promise rings for women.

  • Pre-engagement promise rings for girlfriend is given when two individuals have made up their minds to marry each other in the future. This promise ring is to be replaced by an engagement ring later on.

promise rings for girlfriend

  • Purity promise rings signify a commitment to remain pure and chaste until the day of her marriage. This type of promise ring is often given by a parent to a daughter to remind the latter of her promise to stay sexually pure until marriage. On the contrary, this ring can also be given to someone to symbolize abstinence from bad habits like smoking or drinking.

Purity promise rings

  • Religious promise rings signifies the assurance to show a strong religious devotion. This can also be given to a girlfriend or boyfriend in order to remind the latter of his or her promise to show devotion to the partner as he or she loves God.
  • There is no reason why men can not wear a promise ring. Everybody gets the chance to wear them as long as they fully understood what this ring signifies. It can be noted that promise rings that are worn by men must have the same design with the ones worn by the one who gave it to them. That’s the essence of promise rings, anyway!

personalized promise rings for couples

  • There are various types of personalized promise rings for couples. Gimmal ring is one of the most popular types of personalized promise rings. This is made up of two or three separate rings that can be worn together or separately. During the previous decades, the first part of gimmal ring is worn by the soon-to-be-bride; the other is worn by the groom-to-be; and the last part is worn by the person who witnessed the couple’s promises to each other. However, these three parts must be worn by the bride during the wedding.

These aforementioned facts generally show the beauty of the meaning behind these promise rings.  It is highly symbolic, I may say!