Quick and Easy Pretty Date Hairstyles

When going on a date, your appearance is very important as it contributes to the first impression that you will be giving off. What you wear is important. You don’t want to wear something too sexy, racy and revealing because you might be seen as an easy girl. Of course, your hairstyle is also very important. You may think men in general don’t really care about how you style your hair and it may be true but they do care about how you look like overall and your hairstyle plays a big part for that. Here are some of the best quick and easy pretty date hairstyles that you can try:

  • A side braid – a simple, loose side braid is perfect for those casual lunch out dates. Braids are very easy to do and there are a lot of styles that you can choose from. Doing simple side braids on your hair can take you as little as a minute to about 5 minute tops if you decide to do a more complicated style. It doesn’t need much prep time so you have plenty of time to work on your outfit and other stuff. It’s also perfect for an impromptu date.

side braid casual side braid hair side braid

  • Soft curls or easy waves – curls and waves always look very romantic. When your hair has been curled or when you have cute little boho-style waves, sometimes all you really need to do is dress it up with a pretty headband or a nice hair clip. This date hairstyle is very feminine and it would look great for either day or night dates.

curly wavy hair curls loose

  • A messy bun – a messy bun is perfect if you’re going on an adventurous date. this date hairstyle is very laidback which says a lot about how game and how ready you are for just about anything you’re about to take on. Doing a messy bun can also add just the right hint of sexy into your overall date look.

messy bun hair messy bun

  • A sleek bun – if you’ve been invited to a date and have been told beforehand that it will be in a more formal setting like a dinner date at a fancy restaurant, there’s really no need to spend tons to have your hair done. Whether you’re wearing a really simple LBD or a more elaborate piece, a sleek classic bun will always complement it.

sleek bun hairstyle sleek bunsleek top bun

Try washing your hair the day or night before so that you don’t have to wait for it to dry in the morning or worry about blow drying it. Second day hair also has better texture so your hairstyle holds better.