Quick Fixes for Common Beauty Blunders

We’ve all had embarrassing beauty blunders before that put us into shame. Whether it’s lipstick on your teeth or deodorant streaks on your dress, it’s embarrassing just the same. And what even makes these beauty blunders worse is that they seem to happened right before or even during a really important event like your wedding, a date, a meeting and other big occasions. Here’s a little something to help you get out of that embarrassing moment: our list of quick fixes for common beauty blunders. Use these to prevent or erase whatever it is that keeps you from looking flawless.

  • Lipstick on your teeth – lipstick on your teeth often happens when you apply too much lipstick and the color starts to bleed on you. There are a few quick fixes for this situation and these two are our favorites: 1) blot your lipstick after applying by taking a tissue, folding it in half and pressing your lips on it to get rid of all the excess lipstick and 2) if you don’t mind the smell and taste of Vaseline, cover your two front teeth with a thin layer of it. Lipstick will not be able to adhere to your teeth covered with Vaseline because Vaseline is too slick.

lipstick on teeth lipstick perfect blot lipstick

  • Blush too thick – if you’ve got a heavy hand, chances are that you always end up with way too much blush than you could ever care to admit. Now, you can wash your face and start everything from scratch if you have enough time but what would you do if you’re in a hurry? Well, if you’re using powder blush, lightly sweep on a bit of translucent powder on both cheeks to diffuse the color and lighten it or if you’re using cream or gel blush, use a sponge to apply a very thin layer of liquid foundation over it.

blush heavy blush perfect

  • Uneven fake tan – using fake tanners is an acceptable way to get more color on your skin, especially on cold days when your complexion tends to look paler than usual. However, having uneven tan is just way too unacceptable (and unsightly, too)! If you’ve discovered that you missed a few spots after you self tan, just use liquid bronzer to get more color on that area. If your liquid bronzer is too sheer, you can dust on bronzing powder as well until you get the color even.

self tan uneven self tan

  • Icky yellowish tint on nails – dark nail polishes are super trendy for fall and winter but when spring comes and you decide to give your nails a break and just paint them with clear polish, you’ll discover that your nails have an icky yellowish tint to them. The solution? Mix a few drops of fresh lemon juice with hydrogen peroxide and soak a few cotton balls in then use the cotton balls to rub on your nails until the yellowish tint is gone. To prevent this in the future, double up your base coat before you put on dark nail polish or any other colored nail polish for that matter!

nails healthy nails dark nail whitening