Reasons Not to Throw Away Mini Samples from Subscription Boxes

If you’re subscribed to monthly beauty boxes like Ipsy, Glam Box, Birch Box and what not, I’m pretty sure you’ve probably already received a box which had more than just one of those foil pack samples in them. Sometimes, you’ll even get super mini samples containing product that would only last you about 1 to 3 applications and yes, they can be a tad irritating. Well, it is what is. You paid $10 and as long as your box doesn’t contain all foil packets and as long as you have one or two full sized or deluxe sample size products in there then I think it’s fine. But what do you do with the mini samples? Others would just throw them away but don’t get swayed! Here are some reasons not to throw away mini samples from subscription boxes.

  • Use it for travel – travelling with beauty products can be a little tricky. There are certain airline regulations you have to meet and these include limiting the amount of liquid you bring with you and complying with these means not being able to bring full sized hairspray, toners, and other beauty products. This is where your mini samples come in. These mini samples often contain just the right amount of product, if not less, to meet airline regulations. Take your mini samples instead and you wouldn’t have to worry about complying with airline regulations.

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  • Beauty on the go – even if you don’t have to travel long distance, just leaving the house means getting your hair and makeup messed up in one way or another so having a back up beauty product to fix it up is really handy. Keep those mini samples in purses so you always have something to use for small beauty emergencies. They also fit perfectly in those mini clutches and purses you use for partying at night.

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  • Try before you buy – that’s the whole point of getting samples anyway so you might as well use them for what they are. If your regular products just don’t cut it for you anymore, it might be time to switch and if you want to test out products before buying them, those mini samples you got from your subscription boxes are sure to come in handy.

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  • Non-essential luxury – gold infused skin care products, pure Argan oil, white truffle shampoo – these are just some of the products you’ll see celebs rave about but are they necessary? Absolutely not. They’d be good to try and experience once in a while, though. I mean, who wouldn’t want to slather some kind of exotic oil on their skin or put on a gold face mask, right? These luxury products often come in subscription boxes and though you don’t get enough to last you a month, you can use them on days when you want to be a bit more lavish.

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  • High end sampling – another reason not to throw away your mini beauty samples is because they’re great for sampling high end brands that you would never think of buying for the full price. It’s a great way to see if the splurge is actually going to be worth it. Sometimes, beauty boxes, especially those that cost a little over $10, will have one or two up and coming products from their new line so you can sample them before the craze.

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  • Stocking fillers – if those mini samples are really not right up your alley, you can use them as sock fillers instead. Holiday season is just right around the corner and if you have friends and family who are just as hooked on makeup and beauty and skin care as you are, you can throw in a sample or two in their Christmas stockings (or gift boxes or whatever their gifts come in) in addition to the ‘main’ gift. If you’re subscribed to beauty boxes for the whole year, chances are that you’re going to have a sample of something one of your girlfriends mentioned she would like to try.

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