Reasons To Switch to Contact Lenses

Having poor eyesight can be such a hassle sometimes. Without the aid of eye glasses or contact lenses, you barely see anything and if you do, sometimes, it’s all blurry and hazy. Women always debate with themselves on the topic of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Some say they’re fine with anything as long as it helps them see while others like one more than the other for specific reasons. I, personally, have used both and I think that choosing which one to stick with depends on what you want and need. I must admit, though, I love contact lenses more and I think women should use them more. Here are some top reasons to switch to contact lenses (mostly beauty- and makeup-wise). See if they apply to you and make the switch!

leighton meester eyes

kaley cuoco brown eyes
kaley cuoco brown eyes
  • They give you more confidence – some women lose their confidence while wearing glasses because they think they look like nerds and dorks – the kinds of people that get bullied around a lot as portrayed in movies and even in real life. Now, there are those lucky girls who can rock eyeglasses and look fabulous and chic in them but not everyone is blessed like that and sometimes, wearing glasses can really lower your confidence about the way you look. Contact lenses on the other hand, can make you look like you’re not wearing anything at all. You can also go for colored ones to ‘change’ your eye color and feel prettier.

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  • You get to wear sunglasses – here’s one major benefit of wearing contact leases: you get to wear sunglasses and we all know sunglasses are more than just accessories – they protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, too.

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  • Your get to wear whatever eye makeup look you like – wearing glasses can sometimes limit you from going all out and really creating the eye makeup look that you want because 1. The colors don’t go with your frame 2. It’s barely noticeable underneath glasses or3. You can’t apply it as well as you would like because you can’t see without your glasses on. Contact lenses, on the other hand, let you just do anything and everything you want to do about your eye makeup without restrictions.

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  • Some contact lenses can ‘change’ your eye color – ever wondered how you would look like with blue eyes? How about green eyes? I have brown eyes and I have a pretty good idea of how I would look like with other eye colors, thanks to colored contact lenses. Colored contact lenses give you a good glimpse of how it’s like if you were of a different eye color and being able to see yourself with different eye colors can sometimes make you feel more confident and beautiful. You can also use this advantage to alter your looks easily. A change of hair color accompanied by a different eye color can really make you look and feel like a new other person and sometimes, that’s just exactly what we need when we need to take a break from our own selves.

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