Reasons to Use Makeup Primer

If you’re someone who likes to go shopping for makeup a lot then perhaps you’ve seen primers a couple dozen times or perhaps even more. If you aren’t sure about the benefits of using a makeup primer, though, you may not have paid a lot of mind to it. A lot of women take using makeup primer for granted – be it a face primer, an eye / lid primer or a lip primer. We’ve all heard of using it to achieve a more professional-looking result when doing our makeup but some just aren’t sold about it which is why we’ve come up with a list of reasons to use makeup primer. Check them out and see how makeup primer can make all the difference in your makeup.

  • It seals pores – if you have big pores like I do then you know how hard it is to make your makeup look flawless, especially when you’re using liquid foundation for coverage. Most of the time, it’s the women with dry or dry combination skin that have large pores and we have to use a variety or tricks and tools just to make our pores look not so visible. Using primer seals the pores so makeup looks more flawless.

natural looking makeup nude makeup look

  • Makes makeup go smoother – another reason to use primer (and love it) is because of the fact that primer makes your makeup go on your skin smoother so you get a more immaculate finish. If you have dry skin, you know how blotchy and flaky makeup can look on your skin, especially around the nose, but primer can easily solve that beauty issue. Primer just makes your whole makeup look and feel velvety smooth by preventing it from caking or creasing.

lightweight natural look

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  • Lightweight – many women are hesitant to use primer because they’re afraid that it might make their whole makeup look appear heavier but the truth is that primer is so lightweight and it’s virtually invisible once you put it on your skin. If anything, it actually makes your skin feel softer and more supple.

invisible pores with primer gorgeous makeup look

  • It makes makeup stay on longer – one of the biggest reasons to use primer is because it makes your makeup stay on longer. If you’re someone who’s always out all day and sometimes all night, then you know how inconvenient it is to have to touch up your makeup because it wears off after a few hours or after being exposed to certain conditions. Using makeup primer gives your makeup something to adhere to other than just your bare skin. It also acts as a shield for your makeup against dirt, water (or sweat) and other elements that may otherwise wear your makeup off.

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  • Works for EVERYONE – unlike concealers and foundations, there are no complicated shades and hues to choose from when it comes to primers. Because it goes on invisible, there’s really no need to match it with your skin tone so choosing is easy. It works for all skin tones and all skin types, too!

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