Reasons Why Asymmetrical Dress is a Must-Have

Reasons Why Asymmetrical Dress is a Must-Have
Spice up your image by wearing an asymmetrical dress. Any clothing with a touch of asymmetry is fashionable. This style is actually one of the most classic in the world of fashion but it remained note-worthy despite its extensive existence. Its distinct cut, stitching and angle make this fashion statement a fad that many designers enjoy incorporating to the clothes they make. Dresses, tops and skirts are pieces of garment that benefit the most from this ultimately stylish concept.
Asymmetrical dresses can be diagonal in hemline, asymmetric in neckline or asymmetric in shoulder or sleeve. Consider the following information to guarantee that you’ll become an icon of fashion when you enter a room with this trendy dress.
Asymmetrical Sleeves or Shoulders
Dresses with asymmetrical sleeves or shoulders bare one of your shoulders, making you look fabulous like a Greek deity. It looks very feminine and sensual without having to expose too much skin. It leaves something to the imagination of the viewer and it makes the getup a rather interesting wardrobe especially in the eyes of men.
Diagonal Hemline
Unfortunately, dresses with diagonal hemline do not flatter women with heavy thighs. It suits ladies with petite physique. Dresses with diagonal hemline are not appropriate for formal occasions. You should not wear this when you go to work. This only works for semi-formal affairs such as parties and other random social gatherings.
Asymmetrical neckline
A dress with asymmetrical neckline looks sensual since it uncovers the neck and the collar of the wearer. Dress of this kind is perfect for women who have broad shoulder, long neck and short hairstyles.
Further prettify your overall getup by adding Greek or Bohemian inspired accessories. Some footwear items that work for asymmetrical dresses are gladiators, flats, high heels and stilettos, depending on your activities and destination for a particular day.