Red Lip Tips for the Perfect Pout Every TIme

Red lips, though sexy and gorgeous, is one of the things that a lot of women try to stay away from because all the color and popularity of this look overwhelms them. I, for one, used to dodge the red lip look like it was a bullet but when I finally felt comfortable enough to step out of my comfort zone of nudes, I went in and got myself a red lipstick and I never went back. For those of you out there who are yet to get into red lipstick or those who are fairly new to it and are still working their way around the look, check out these red lip tips for the perfect pout every time.

  • Choose a red with a blue undertone – if you’re worried about your teeth looking too yellowish in contrast to red lipstick, make sure to choose a red lip color with a blue undertone. The blue undertone will make your teeth look whiter so you don’t have to worry about them look way yellow.

red lipstick look rich red lips matte red lips

  • Find a shade that flatters you – if you don’t mind having a bit of a yellowish tint to your teeth, you can explore more options and find a shade that truly flatters your skin tone. Many women look so much better with true red lipsticks while others look better when they have on an orange-y red lipstick and others are just better off with darker, wine deep red lipstick.

gorgeou true red plump red lips leighton meester red lip

  • Wear lip liner – out of all the lip colors, red seems to be the one that bleeds the most and I know a lot of women are put off by that. A simple way to keep your lipstick from bleeding, though, is to simply wear lip liner under your lipstick so that the lipstick has something to adhere to. Find a lip liner in the exact shade as you lipstick. If you can’t, at least try to look for one that comes close. In the event, though, that you  just can’t find any, a nude lip liner will do. Doing this lets you get a more defined lip shape, too.

dark red lips perfect red lips bare face red lips

  • Find a consistency that you like – it’s crazy how far lipstick has come. From the regular lipstick in a tube, you can now get yours in a jar, a pot, a full palette, you can have it in the form of a lip tint, you can even have it in a tube in melted form. How convenient is that? Finding a consistency that you like and can really work with is important if you want to get the perfect pout every time so check out these new lipstick variations.

bright red lips perfect red lip signature red lip

  • Remember to blot and set – lastly, if you want to keep that pretty pucker all day long, don’t forget to blot and set it. Blotting your lipstick gets rid of the extra product so it doesn’t go on your teeth. You can do this by taking a napkin and pressing your lips against it. Setting, on the other hand, ensures you that your lipstick stays put all day long. There are setting products that you can use like lipstick sealers and the like, just go to your local beauty supply store and you’ll find them.

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